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 The Secret World (April 2012)

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:51 pm

Funcom's reveal of The Secret World at PAX 2009 is only the third time they have released information about the game, but according to them, it is the most important as they provided the media more in depth information on the Secret Societies - which are the player factions in the game. Secret Societies and the game play associated with them play an integral role in The Secret World. Set in the modern-day, real-world, in an imagined parallel universe where magic co-exists with science, where monsters and demons are real and Secret Societies have grown to recruit man to combat the very real evil that seeps in unseen, players will fight the darkness and save the world!

"Our goal is to divide players," said Erling Ellingsen, Director of Communications for Funcom. What he meant by that is that players must choose one Secret Society to align with and Cabals (player guilds) must select a Secret Society to align with. The Cabals will have housing and will gain standing in their chosen Secret Society just as players will gain standing and be ranked.

Lead Production Designer Ragnarr Tornquist spoke to us about the three Secret Societies: the Templars, the Illuminati and the Dragon as the trailer rolled. The tenets of the Templars are "Tradition, Loyalty and Law." They are the old school folks. Headquartered in the heart of London, they are the righteous and holy crusaders against evil. Do not confuse them with the Knights Templar, which was merely an upstart offshoot from the original. These are the guys that will raze a village to eradicate a single source of evil as they believe that sometimes, sacrifices have to be made in this crusade to keep the world safe. They believe that they ARE the chosen in the war against evil and their headquarters stand bright and shining as a symbol against the darkness. Their signature weapons are two hand guns.

The Illuminati are the most secretive of the Secret Societies, yet they believe that power is the cornerstone in the fight against the darkness. The entrance to their underground headquarters is in an old abandoned warehouse somewhere in New York City. They are ruthless, ambitions and their organization runs like a Corporation. "Sex, Drugs and Rockefellar," is their motto and they believe in survival of the fittest. "Do or get done," is a favorite quote. They are the bad boys of the occult world and they make sure everyone knows it. Their signature weapon is the automatic assault rifle.

The Dragon teach the true Sun Tzu and are manipulators and agitators in the factional war and practice what they call the Art of Chaos. Headquartered in a monastery in Seoul, Korea, members of The Dragon practice patience and attainment of balance. A favorite quote is "We create chaos to achieve balance." They prefer the silence and elegance of the ancient weapon of the Samurai, the katana.

Although united in the war against evil, the Secret Societies are rivals for control of the scarce resource known as Anima. Players and Cabals will compete for this scarce resource in The Battle for Hollow Earth. A 24/7 persistent battle between the factions where cells containing Anima will have to be held 24/7 for the faction with sovereignty to benefit from it. We got to look at some artwork of this area and it looked like an organic spherical honey-comb celled structure. This is located in the depths of the ancient city, Agartha.

We were also given a look at three more factions: a heraldic shield with a lion's head in profile and a sword behind it named "An Old Enemy," a square knot and kanji for snake named "A New Opponent" and a banner with a rising sun, named "Rising Tide of Changen" Although in typical Secret World fashion, no further explanations were given. Funcom would neither confirm nor deny if these were allied NPC factions or possible enemy factions

Precious few other details were available at this time, such as player progression. "Progression is not level and class based," said Ragnarr, "but through skills and powers. How you put your character together is important, but it can be changed." Progression within the Secret Society of your choice is also important. All progress will be tracked and will be published on leader boards on the game website.

Different Secret Societies will have different starting areas and players will always spend time in their headquarters as that is your base of operations and your social space. This is also where your vendors and mentors are and where quests are obtained.

The story is important, but players can still do what they like and will not be forced to follow a linear storyline. Exploration is encouraged and combat promises to be fast paced with the use of a wide arsenal of weapons available, from magic to knives to machine guns. Each Secret Society may have its own signature style in dress and weapons, but players can choose to customize their character's look and choice of weapons as they like.

Below, find the next four screenshots from Funcom's upcoming MMORPG, The Secret World. In them, you can see both representatives of the various game factions and some of the monsters that players will be fighting.

The Secret World The Secret World

The Secret World The Secret World

The big reveal at PAX centered around the three major player factions in the game: The Templars, The Illuminati and The Dragon. Below, you will find images of each faction's headquarters and a character representative:

The Templar

The Secret World The Secret World

The Illuminati

The Secret World The Secret World

The Dragon

The Secret World The Secret World

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:19 pm

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

Number of posts : 10802
Location : Singapore
IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:47 pm

they offering free close beta entry for late stages of close beta for those who subscribe to age of conan hehe

but gm also say people who sign up the game and took the beta test will also have a good chance

cb time i think we can try dragon and Illuminati and see which one suit us better as a guild.

dont think templar is for us so we will skip that one ^^

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:50 pm

have come to my attention that tsw might be totally based on no exp,no class and no level.

while no class and no level is appealing to me.totally no exp even for skills training is kind of scary.

it will totally mean there is no difference in a new player and someone who played for long time.

at first i though this no class no level just mean one can team with new and old players and get different pct of rewards depending on how much u do during the quest which sound a bit like the ffxiv system square enix is adapting or the skill system like in smt minus the level.but i could be wrong in this now ^^

so i will suggest anyone who interested in tsw to test it thoroughly first before ordering it.

not as appealing now till i learn more about the game play & combat system

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Sun Nov 15, 2009 10:28 pm

it's a long way before they release this ... dunno it it's still 2012 4 the release but they must implement lots of stuff to make it worth the 3 year waiting haha

i' curious about the gameplay ... they keep everything hidden just showing us trailers ... much like Blade & Soul .. but at least B&S has great potential xD
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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

Number of posts : 10802
Location : Singapore
IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:09 pm

ya at least we saw gameplay in b&s

tsw no gameplay at all atm.hard to say good or not.i will still test it if i can enter cb or ob.but i wont order in advance unless i am sure the game is good now heh

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:30 am

While there is no real exp class or lvls there are still differences between new and seasoned players in tsw.

As they have said in several interviews you will get access to more skills and other stuff the more you play.
Not in a game breaking way tho it will just give you more customization and options to choose from.

I would not mind waiting 3 years for tsw rather then having a failure in the AoC class.

But i think they have learned both from AoC and AO misstakes.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:23 pm

cant w8 to try this at last a mmorpg ore some kind for adults

am so freaking out lol if this is almost same as resedent evil games with some mmo i rely wanne play this
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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

Number of posts : 10802
Location : Singapore
IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:38 pm

@Anemone wrote:

As they have said in several interviews you will get access to more skills and other stuff the more you play.

ya but depending on how they do it is the question now.if they do it right and update often then it will get people to stay with tsw longer.

but usually this kind of mmo ran out of content or need to repeat the same instance or maps non stop the nearer u hit their end game content.

example shin megaten tensai=p

unless they are aiming to be like square enix.the only company so far that have too much content and u will never ran out since they update often.

just need to test it and see how its like first heh

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:59 pm

Lack of content has very rarle been a problem in my funcom experience.

There are two roads to take imo, smash the game full with content or create and experience that does not get tiresome playing over and over.

The core focus in tsw is most likly the experience and rivalry between the factions rather then cram the game full of repeatable content.

i hope it will become somewhat similiar to Global Agenda cause im getting sick of repeatable PvE contents and raw pure pvp team fights with dynamic elements never gets booring unless it's horribly unbalanced.
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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

Number of posts : 10802
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IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:18 pm

i learned not to get too hype over a mmo that i not yet saw the gameplay yet.but ya i hope it will turn out nice,then i will paid for both ffxiv and tsw next year.

was hoping to be ffxiv and aion but aion not the game i expected.

but then tsw might turn out to be like champions online which is not impressive after i tested it.

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

Number of posts : 10802
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IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:06 pm

Norwegian studio Funcom is working on its next massively multiplayer game, The Secret World, which will let you explore an alternate version of the modern world where old wives' tales and occult superstition have become reality, and dark forces are attacking the world. Your role in the game will be to join one of three secret societies and do battle with the encroaching evil all over the world--even in New England. The first location to be revealed in the game is Kingsmouth, and GameSpot is pleased to reveal new details on the location along with the very first in-game footage of The Secret World. Game director Ragnar Tørnquist gives us a guided tour.

GameSpot: It's great to see the first actual gameplay footage of The Secret World. Set up the video for us--what are we going to see in the video? What's the location?

Ragnar Tørnquist: I think the video--or 'found footage'--speaks for itself, but Kingsmouth is a sleepy small town in Maine, on the Atlantic coast of the United States. It's the kind of place where the population doubles during the summer, and off-season it's very quiet and slow. I think the town's official website gives you a good idea of what sort of town it is…before the incident. Something bad is about to happen. Something very, very bad. The video hints at this happening, but the full revelation won't come until we launch the game. There's a major incident, and there are few survivors--and players will be dropped right into the middle of all this. One important theme in The Secret World is that of heroism, and we're going to put players in a situation where being a hero is very difficult: where it's about containing and gathering information, and preventing the darkness from spreading, rather than saving a few lives.

GS: What is the significance of Kingsmouth? How will this seemingly quiet little town exemplify what The Secret World is about?

RT: It's the perfect example of what's happening all over the game world: Dark days are coming. And no one in the know wants widespread panic, so part of what the players have to do is contain this darkness--prevent the truth from being broadcast beyond the borders of the secret world. Part of this is, of course, kicking zombie butt. But part of it is also following your secret society's storyline, exploring the island, digging into the lore, speaking with characters--finding out what's happened, how to stop it, and how that ties into similar events across the world. It's the starting point, but New England isn't the occult ground zero. It's just the beginning of a long descent into total darkness.

GS: We understand that the town will have its own population and even its own local government, presided over by certain key characters in the game. Who are the most important characters we'll meet in Kingsmouth? Why are they important?

RT: Some of those characters have already been revealed--in subtle ways--but the question is: who will survive? And how? And why? For what purpose? This is something we're going to reveal more of as we move forward; we want players to get to know these characters before they start playing the game, so that they'll already have a relationship with them. That way, it'll hurt even more when we… Ahem.

Of course, there won't be just locals on Solomon Island. In fact, players will encounter several characters that have arrived on the island for various--and nefarious--reasons, including a seemingly innocuous group of hippies, some guys in black vans, and even the U.S. military. All of these characters will be fully voiced, of course.

And there might even be some non-human mission givers. I'm just sayin'.

GS: America's New England region is a rich source of old wives' tales and occultism. The area was home to the Salem witch trials. It's the birthplace and home of horror author H.P. Lovecraft. How will such influences tie into the gameplay of this area? Can you give us some specific examples?

RT: Obviously, Kingsmouth--and Solomon Island--draws inspiration from a lot of different sources, including Lovecraft, Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. Not just in terms of references--you'll find plenty of those in the unlikeliest of places--but also thematically. And this applies to our entire story, not just the bits that take place in New England. That's really where it began, before we settled on any specific locations, with those sources and influences, and it was only natural that we paid proper tribute to our inspiration by creating an adventure region that wears its influences on its sleeves. These themes and backstories permeate the game, but New England is where we bring it home.

Specific examples are hard to list without spoiling things, but players will face horrors that have risen from the depths of the sea. They will unravel an ancient curse that's haunted this island for a very long time. And they will encounter characters that harbor the darkest of secrets… The story of Kingsmouth will be revealed through both the story missions and tons of side missions that expand on the lore--and everything, every single mission, every character, is tied to this storyline. Nothing's left to chance. Everything is significant.

I think the players who spend the time to dig deep--too deep, perhaps--into the lore will really see how far these influences go, and how we've also made them our own. We're much more than wink-wink, nudge-nudge references to Arkham and Dunwich: for us, it's about the look and feel, the themes, the background, the depth and scope of the game universe.

GS: Given that no players will start their lives in New England (we understand that the three main character hubs will be Seoul, South Korea; London, England; and New York City), how will players be introduced to locales such as Kingsmouth? Will they be given missions to travel to different cities to solve a mystery or two there, for instance?

RT: Players will have the freedom to explore our game world--but yes, they'll also have missions that lead them from the first baby steps in their hub city, through to the 'end'--which, of course, will be just the beginning. And that includes sending them on assignments to various locations. It's all tied to the three secret societies: players will have to learn the ropes, prove their worth, and follow instructions. If they don't…well, they can choose to do that, too, but it might be a little harder to get ahead. It's all about freedom, though. If you want the story, it's there, fully voiced and crammed with cinematics. If you don't? Just go out, have fun, and kick demon butt.

GS: About how big will Kingsmouth be in virtual meters or miles? How big will the average town or quest hub area be in The Secret World?

RT: Big. I mean, Kingsmouth may not be a huge town, but it's a sizeable community, and that's just the beginning. Players will be able to explore all of Solomon Island--every single centimeter of it--and the town of Kingsmouth constitutes, at most, one tenth of the playable area in New England. For explorers like myself, this is the perfect playground, and there's such a diversity of locations and points of interest across the island, it's going to keep players occupied for a long time…and that's just one of the many locations in the game.

GS: We know that players can join one of three different secret societies with very different philosophies about how to carry themselves and how to win the war against the dark forces laying siege to the world. How will characters from these different factions have differing experiences in a place like Kingsmouth? Will the Illuminati have some kind of homefield advantage, being from nearby New York? How will the townsfolk of Kingsmouth (and other locales in the game) treat characters from each group differently?

RT: Most civilians will know little to nothing about the secret societies and the secret world; just like most of us, we're oblivious to the truth. Of course, now that things have happened--dark things, scary things, wet and slithering things--the surviving civilians are wising up to the fact that, yes Virginia, monsters are real and they are here to eat us. While the secret societies will be evenly balanced, Kingsmouth--Solomon Island--is indeed closely tied to one of them, and that's going to be meaningful. The other secret societies won't be left out: they have historical links to other locations in the game. And since Kingsmouth is early on in the progression, it's not going to favor one secret society in front of another.

GS: What sort of adventures will be found in Kingsmouth? Will it be more of a battleground area for fighting monsters, more of an adventuring area for solving puzzles and collecting clues, or an even split between the two? Are the game's various hub areas being designed around having a different mix of action and adventure/investigative gameplay?

RT: Yes, yes and yes.

Or more accurately: it's going to be what you make of it.

Of course, there's going to plenty of action, plenty of monsters to slay--starting with zombies and ending up with, well, very scary things--but yeah, some missions are much more about exploration, adventuring, puzzle solving. There's one in particular that I really like called The Kingsmouth Code, which requires players to really pay attention to subtle signs to uncover a subterranean secret--and while monsters do pop up, that's not the meat of the mission. It's about investigating the town to unravel its mysteries. And it feels really fresh and fun and unique.

Every location in the game will have a balance of gameplay, to ensure that we cater to the different playing styles, while keeping focus on what players are tasked to do: to fight the rising darkness in the name of their faction.

GS: Finally, is there anything else you'd like to add about this new area, or about the game in general?

RT: I think I've said enough. If I reveal any more secrets, my life might be in mortal danger. They are watching.

GS: Aha. Well…all right, then.

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:44 am

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:48 pm

The Secret World Details

Loads of info about Funcom's mysterious

by IGN Staff

March 1, 2010 -
We caught up with Ragnar Tornquist, President of the Cool Name Club,
and the Game Director and Executive Producer for Funcom's upcoming
massively multiplayer online role-playing-game, The Secret World.

IGN: What kind of MMO is The Secret World? How would you define it?

Ragnar Tornquist: If you've played an MMORPG before, you'll know
your way around The Secret World from the get-go. You create a
character, join a secret society, and go out into the world to do
missions and kick demon ass for experience and loot. We're not out to
reinvent the wheel completely. But we're mixing things up quite a bit,
both with our role-playing system – which is skill based and level-less –
and with our combat, which is very fast-paced and action-packed. And,
of course, with the setting and the story. The Secret World takes place
in the modern day real world, and players are called upon to fight in
the coming war against evil. Dark days are coming and those with the
power to stand up and fight must do so – or our world will fall into an
eternal night.

IGN: If someone were only familiar with Age of Conan, how
will the overall structure of the game and the gameplay differ in The
Secret World in comparison?

Ragnar Tornquist: The team has been working on The Secret World
for quite awhile, long before Age of Conan was released, and while
there's obviously interaction and sharing of ideas between teams, our
approach and philosophy has been a bit different. I don't think you'll
necessary see much similarity in structure and gameplay, but we get to
enjoy all the benefits of a mature engine and tool set. Age of Conan
looks beautiful and The Secret World will look even better, and there's a
huge advantage in being able to use many of their tools and
technologies in order to get The Secret World up and running a lot
quicker. We're at a point now where we're testing and tweaking the
gameplay, and being able to so at this stage gives us a lot of
confidence in being able to create a fun, exciting and long-lasting

More specifically, our combat and role-playing systems are completely
different from those in Conan, as is our mission system and PvP. We're
slowly revealing our feature set, and we believe people will be excited
about the choices we've made and how The Secret World is taking shape.

Revnants (above), draugs and zombies will all act

IGN: How much of the game takes place in real-world areas, compared
to the fictional zones? What kind of effect does that have on how you
develop the art, the storylines, and the enemy types?

Ragnar Tornquist: Most of the game takes place in locations that,
while they're not necessarily real places, should feel genuine – places
that could exist in the real world, like Kingsmouth, Maine, which is
inspired by several New England coastal towns. Our hub cities are
modeled on the real thing, though the specific neighborhoods we've built
are, obviously, fictional. As for other areas in the game, they're all
placed in recognizable locations – like Egypt – and we've done a ton of
research – including sending people from the team to take pictures and
speak with locals – to ensure that they feel as genuine as possible.

Of course, at the end of the day it's more important for us to create an
interesting and exciting world, and to support the gameplay mechanics
and the story, rather than be one hundred percent accurate. We're not a
world simulator: we're an action-packed contemporary fantasy game.

Our choice of locations has greatly affected both the story, the
monsters, the characters, the missions and the gameplay. The content is
specifically tailored to each location in the game, but it all ties
together into a very consistent universe with a deep history that goes
back millions of years. We've actually planned out several years' worth
of post-launch content – including exciting new locations. You should
see our design Wiki. It's enormous. It'll take us years and years to
reveal everything about our game world – which is a good thing, because
it's an MMO. We expect this game to be around for a very, very long

IGN: The enemies in The Secret World have links to the paranormal, as
well as folklore. How will this be expressed in-game? By looking at
some of the concept art, it seems like you're trying for a horror theme.
Is that consistent throughout the game and how does that set The Secret
World apart from other titles?

Ragnar Tornquist: The Secret World certainly has horror elements
in it, particularly in terms of the monsters – but that's not all.
There's contemporary fantasy, globe-trotting adventure, ancient myths
and urban legends. And our monsters vary from typical horror movie
mainstays – your zombies and vampires and chainsaw-wielding brutes – to
the more mythical – Wendigo, Sasquatch. But there's certainly a common
thread that ensures it doesn't feel like several different games in one:
all of our creatures and monsters have a role in the story, and there's
a reason behind their re-emergence into the world when the game starts.
Dark days are coming…

I think our setting sets us apart from every other MMO out there, and
that carries through to every part of the game – it's something we
continuously strive for and works towards, to create a unique world that
players have never seen before, and one that is exciting to explore and

Concept art for the male Draug. Entirely

IGN: What was the inspiration for the art direction and how does that
tie into the themes and structure of the world?

Ragnar Tornquist: We certainly set out to be more 'real' than
many other MMOs; to create a world that feels alive, living and
breathing, genuine and – to some degree – realistic. As long as you buy
into the existence of demons, parallel dimensions, ancient lost
civilizations, magic, the living dead, immortal beings…of course.

Our art director – Christer Sveen – has a very distinct and very
decisive style that makes The Secret World stand out a great deal from
other MMORPGs, and that's served us well so far. I think people will be
able to take one look at a screenshot from the game and identify it as
The Secret World. And since the core development team has been around
from the very beginning, and has been instrumental in shaping and
creating the world, this direction carries through to every aspect of
the game – from the storyline and characters, to the missions and even
the PvP. We've left nothing to chance, and everything is explained…at
least internally. We don't want to explain too much to the players.
There must be room for mystery.

IGN: What is the setting for where these monsters are found? Are
they isolated from other areas in the game, or will these creepy enemies
be encountered throughout?

Ragnar Tornquist: All of the monsters we've revealed so far are
unique to our New England location. When players travel to other parts
of the world, they'll encounter horrific creatures native to that region
and mythology. New England is just the beginning – it gets creepier.
Much creepier.

IGN: How will you encounter these monsters? Are they wandering around
in the open world, waiting for you to approach, or do they behave
differently? How does that mesh with the overall direction of the game?

Ragnar Tornquist: The monster behavior is certainly appropriate
for the location. In Kingsmouth, the living dead will act like the
living dead – you know, eating corpses, bashing their heads against
doors, moaning "braaains". Other creatures behave as you'd expect such
creatures to behave. The only thing they have in common is a burning
hatred of humanity in general – and the player in particular – so you'll
probably find that they'll come running when they see you. And some
monsters cooperate. It's them against us, and the enemy of my enemy, as
you know, is my friend. Which goes for the players as well: Illuminati
and Templars aren't the best of friends, but when you're faced with a
thirty foot demon, such differences are put aside. At least temporarily.

Spectre concept art - creepy, amorphous ghosts!

IGN: Some of the enemies, such as Jack O'Lantern, sound like they
will be particularly powerful. Are these boss-type characters or will
there be multiple versions of them? Do they interact with other in
enemies any way?

Ragnar Tornquist: Jack O'Lantern is certainly a powerful boss,
and there's only one of him…but he pops up in several places, all of
them tied to a storyline that players progress through, learning about
the origins of this creature and how it can be defeated – or at least
temporarily stopped. And Jack gets help from several different
creatures; he's not alone, something that players have to take into

Other bosses may not be as unique – it really depends on the situation.
Some are specific to a location, others appear in multiple locations,
others again are just bigger and meaner versions of monsters you've
already encountered. There's a good mix which will keep players on their
toes. But bosses are definitely an integral part of the game. You'll be
fighting – and running away from – an amazing and eclectic collection
of meanies.

IGN: The zombies in The Secret World
appear to be a great deal larger than the standard brain-eating,
slow-walking zombie. What's the story behind this? How do these large
zombies fit into the broader world?

Ragnar Tornquist: There are 'regular sized' zombies and then
there are 'super-sized' ones – the latter are specific to Solomon
Island, and the reason why they've grown so huge is part of the
storyline. Which I won't reveal, you'll have to play the game to find
out why. Most of our zombies aren't of the slow, moaning variety;
they're fast and they're furious. And the big guy? He's a hulk – in
every possible way.

IGN: What kind of powers will be available to these monsters? How
varied will the way enemies act be? Will a draug attack the same way as a
revenant? How do they move? Are they fast, or do they shamble towards
you? Does each type have a different range of attack? Do they ever
attack in groups?

Ragnar Tornquist: Monsters attack in groups and they are a
diverse bunch. You won't find a zombie acting like a Draug acting like a
Revenant – they're all of them completely different in the way they
fight and in the abilities they use, and players are going to have to
learn how to defeat them. What works against one enemy won't necessarily
work against the next, and that's part of the fun of an MMO: as you
progress, as you learn about the world and your enemies, as your
character gains more powers and more flexibility, you'll be better
prepared for what the game throws at you. Expect to be thrown at... A

Jack O'Lantern concept art - a powerful foe.

IGN: What can we expect from other types of enemies in the world?
Will they be similarly frightening in appearance or does each area of
the game have a specific theme and tone? How do you go about building a
zone like this one and making sure it feels whole and consistent?

Ragnar Tornquist: We've spent a long time working on each
location, the story and lore behind it, the characters and the monsters,
the art – from concepts to finished models – in order to make sure it
all fits together and makes sense. There's a reason and purpose behind
every monster, and each fills a specific role in the gameplay and story.
Also, each location in the game has a definite theme and distinct
style: Solomon Island and Kingsmouth is certainly more New England
Gothic; Egypt will be more about the ancient history, myths and legends
of that country, mixed – of course – with our modern take on it, and our
own unique storyline. Other locations are inspired in full or in part
by our research into that location. With the way we've organized our
teams, each team gets a location and focuses on that, which ensures
internal consistency, both in terms of art and gameplay.

IGN: Since the game is supposed to be very story-driven, how does
that affect the permanence of your actions within the game world and the
nature of the tasks you're given to complete? For example, after you've
killed the Jack O'Lantern, does it respawn or, for you, is it
permanently defeated?

Ragnar Tornquist: MMORPGs are certainly difficult beasts in that
sense. The player can never be The One, capable of defeating –
permanently – the enemy and saving the world from darkness. That would
be quite silly and very unfair to everyone else. Besides, when does that
really happen? Heroics come from being part of something bigger, not a
lone wolf. That's why we've made that a central part of our story and
theme; to be one of many heroes, a soldier in an army of light fighting
the forces of darkness. And we do make an effort to explain why your
actions may not change the world completely. When we launch the game,
players are there to put a stop to evil spreading, and make sure the
outside world doesn't find out what's going on – protect the ancient
secrets, uphold the conspiracies and prevent widespread panic. After
launch, however, we do intend to introduce change to the world, to make
players feel as though the war progresses and grows, that the players
actually impact what happens.

As for an enemy like Jack O'Lantern – it would be quite disappointing if
only one party of players would be able to bring him down – so of
course, like any good villain, he pops up again. But we explain it and
make it part of our own mythology. As most people know, it's really hard
to kill off a good villain. I mean, have you ever watched Halloween or
Nightmare on Elm Street? Those dudes keep coming back!

is one of the Draug bosses. Badass.

IGN: Will any of these monsters try to communicate with you? Will
they attack on sight? How will they behave towards you?

Ragnar Tornquist: You're at war and the enemy is usually quite
keen on seeing you dead, so yes, for the most part they'll simply attack
– if they think they have a chance at winning. If not, they might
choose to leave you alone, or run the other way. They're not stupid. And
there are certain cases where enemies will communicate with you – if
they feel they might get something back from changing allegiance. That's
certainly part of our storyline.

IGN: What do the creatures sound like? Do they have specific audio
cues? Do they change over the course of a battle? Can they be heard from

Ragnar Tornquist: We have a fantastic audio director – Simon
Poole – who worked on both Dreamfall and Age of Conan, and
he's given each specific monster a very clear identity. You'll find that
some monsters scream and roar, some speak – in languages both familiar
and strange; I can't wait for players to try and decipher those secret
phrases – and that they feel like real, living, breathing creatures.
Some will roar the second they see you; others will keep quiet until
they're right on top of you. The sound in The Secret World is
a huge part of the atmosphere and the setting, and we're putting enough
attention into it to ensure that players won't want to turn the sound
down and the music off. It's all integral to the gameplay and the story.

IGN: Since we don't really know much about this game, will some of
the monsters require you group up with others to defeat? Will they drop
loot that you can then equip, or is the point of fighting them more
story-focused than loot-focused?

Ragnar Tornquist: There will be much loot. Loot – and mission
rewards – is a key aspect of the game; to feel like you're getting
something back from being on the frontlines of the war on darkness. I
don't know about you guys, but being able to pick up a powerful new
weapon from the corpse of a fallen enemy – that's what life is all
about, mate.

Yes, many monsters do require a group to take down, but it's important
to note that you can play through large parts of The Secret World on
your own. It's very solo-friendly when it comes to the missions and the
story. Of course, it's always to your advantage to group up – and to
join a player-created cabal – but you can still get around and see most
of the content if you'd prefer to do that on your own. I personally like
the freedom to do that in an MMO, and I think most players appreciate
the fact that you don't always have to play together with others. I hope
we've managed to find a good balance between the two.

3D zombie model. Not your average, shambling

IGN: Would you say combat is the primary focus of the game, or would
you say social interaction is more of the point of playing The Secret

Ragnar Tornquist: Is it a cop out to say both? Well, certainly
combat is hugely, hugely important. You'll spend a great deal of time
fighting terrifying beasts and terrible monstrosities. But so is PvP and
the faction – or secret society – gameplay, where players are
encouraged to join player-made cabals and fight for their side in the
secret war between the Templars, the Illuminati and the Dragon. Aside
from that, our hubs – London, New York and Seoul – are social arenas
where players are encouraged and given the tools to socialize and
interact with other players. And, of course, there's plenty of content
geared towards teams of four players, including missions and 'dungeons',
as well as larger groups.

I think in the long run – once players have played through the content;
the missions and the story – they'll naturally gravitate towards the
social gameplay, as well as the PvP, and our goal is to entertain and
engage the players long after they've gotten to that point. We want
secret worlders to stick with The Secret World for years and years – and
we're committed to giving them new content, new challenges and new
features on an ongoing basis.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:27 pm

A recent statement from The Secret World official forum indicates that more
information, including a 15 minites of actual gameplay footage
will be released to the public on March 23. In GDC
, some media were invited to a presentation where the
gameplay was shown, but no report about the presentation is allowed
before March 23. That's definitely a great secret for all players.

The Secret World - The Dragon Trailer

Right now we are inviting press to exclusive
presentations here in San Francisco, and we're showing them roughly 15
minutes of actual gameplay. That's all in-game footage, so it's an
exciting time for us. The journalists are taken through some of the core
features of the game, and they get to ask Ragnar Tørnquist and Martin
Bruusgaard questions afterwards.

The embargo date for the press
is 23rd of March. That's when they are allowed to report from the
presentations and publish the assets. You should also note that there
will be a staggered release of assets, meaning some assets will be made
available on the 23rd, while other assets will be made available a few
days after that. Read the full announcement here.

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:27 pm

march 25....most likely the ob testing will be at that date. ^^

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:54 am

haha i signed up and answered the questions turns out im suited to the Dragon society ;o)
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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:47 am

ya i kind of like dragon clan also lol

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon May 31, 2010 5:41 pm

Ragnar Tornquist, Game Director of The
Secret World
, revealed in an interview that their dev team was busy
with the development of the game's PC version, while its console
version would be delayed to release after the PC version.
The Secret World once announced on its launch press conference that
it would have both PC and XBOX 360 versions, but no further info about
its XBOX 360 version has been updated since then. According to Ragnar
Tornquist, they will make adjustments elaborately to create a game more
suitable for consoles while pressing on with its PC version.


About The Secret World
The Secret World is a MMORPG based on a modern day online world full
of action, horror and intriguing conspiracies. The game has been in
development since last summer and the game is in a playable state. It is
produced at the Funcom studios in Oslo and Beijing. A release date is
not being announced at this point, but players are already getting
involved in the fast-growing community.

More Screenshots




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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:34 pm

At seven and a half minutes in length, this latest video is the most we've seen of The Secret World
up to this point. The game's director Ragnar Tornquist (of Dreamfall,
and The Longest Journey fame) walks us through the very first
experiences of a Templar character, accompanied by various bits of
gameplay footage, including combat, fully voiced in-game cinematics, and
tours of the London hub-city.

While Funcom is thankfully doing a lot of showing alongside their
telling in this video, we're also given a taste of the game's haunting
score, which is a real treat to to the ears.

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:41 pm

though the trailer is not bad but they need to show more ingame combat footage and ingame controls gui.

at least it seems to be better then cryptic mmorpg but have to test before i will buy it ^^

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:18 pm

Most of the recent news surrounding The Secret World has focused on cryptic tweets and forum posts from fictional characters. Today we finally get a new concrete announcement: Funcom and EA Partners will co-publish the horror MMO. While no release date has been announced, this move brings the game one step closer to reality.

You can read the full press release after the jump. If you haven't done it yet, head over to the game's official site and take the initiation test to see if you're a member of the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templar.

Official press release:

Durham, USA – January 10, 2011 – Funcom, the
award-winning game developer responsible for titles such as ‘Anarchy
Online’ and ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’, and EA Partners, a
division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), today announced their
agreement to co-publish Funcom’s highly anticipated modern-day massively
multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’. Hundreds of thousands of
gamers have joined the ever-growing community surrounding the game, and
have – even before launch – become active members in the game’s secret
societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templar.
“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Funcom, one of
the world-leaders in the development of massively multiplayer online
games,” says David DeMartini, Senior Vice President and General Manager
of EA Partners. “We are very excited to be able to take part in the
growing online gaming category with such a highly anticipated title as
‘The Secret World’.”
‘The Secret World’ is a next-generation massively multiplayer online
game for the PC platform, where players are given total freedom to
create and progress their characters, unbound by the restrictions of
classes and levels. Players will get the opportunity to join one of the
three secret societies and fight for power over important locations
throughout our own world. Players will also journey through familiar
places across the globe, such as Egypt, New England, London, New York
and Seoul and battle monsters of myth and legend.
“We are tremendously excited to be working with what is undoubtedly
the world-leading games publisher for the past decade, and it is also a
great testament to the fantastic work of our development team,” says
Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “The experience and the knowledge that
Electronic Arts brings to the table will be instrumental in allowing us
to realize the full potential of ‘The Secret World’.”
‘The Secret World’ is Funcom’s third massively multiplayer game,
having previously developed the award-winning ‘Anarchy Online’ and the
best selling new MMO of 2008 ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’. No
release date has been announced.
For more information, visit the official website at

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:53 pm

Funcom's co-publishing agreement with EA suggests
that fans of The Secret World could have some good news to look forward
to this year. Chris "Pwyff" Tom takes a look at what we know about this
secretive game.

In any market where the competition is fierce, I love to cheer for
the underdogs; call it my feeble attempt to not be so mainstream in my
beliefs, I just think that teams that have the least amount of
expectations on their shoulders should also be the ones who have a great
opportunity to shine out the door. In this particular case, the
underdog I'm referring to (if you haven't already guessed from the co-publishing announcement made earlier this week) is Funcom's unique action / fantasy / real-world MMORPG, The Secret World.
Of course, while there might be some fans who would argue that The
Secret Worls is nothing close to being an underdog, all it takes is one
look at the amount of coverage and news the game has received in
relation to any of our most anticipated MMOs of 2011, and the distinction becomes clear.To
be honest, 2010 was pretty much a dead year for this enigmatic MMO.
While there was a decent amount of information coming out throughout the
year of 2009 (class customization, available factions, PvP), it was
when Funcom announced some significant staff cuts
(around 20%) and confirmed that this would delay the release of The
Secret World that I started to feel a bit nervous. Following this huge
announcement, The Secret World ended up dropping low on the radar for
most gamers, and that's what really makes this EA co-publishing announcement such a big treat for fans, like me, who have been waiting to see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

those who don't know much about The Secret World, you're really not
alone. The game was originally announced to be in development around
2007-2008 and, while I was still a bit sore from the abysmal launch that
was Age of Conan (also Funcom developed), that didn't prevent me from
being genuinely interested in The Secret World.
The game forgoes the standard overused fantasy setting to bring
players to a modern day world, where all of the myths and legends of
ancient creatures, like vampires and dragons, are actually real, but
they're being kept at bay by powerful, hidden organizations called
"Secret Societies." As the result of players developing some special
powers in the beginning of the game, The Secret World is really about
being introduced to this fantastical underground world and seeing it all
set against a recognizable real-world background. This is what
ultimately made me a fan of The Secret World from day one: its unique

As the game's name suggests, There doesn't appear to be a whole lot
of information about The Secret World floating around. Funcom does
intend for the MMO to include some aspects of social networking and,
while this might make a few of you hardcore gamers groan out loud, I'd
like to remind you that it's almost obligatory to create some kind of
social network when you're dealing with a real-world setting where
players can, literally, wander the streets of their home city (albeit
with a few more zombies than normal). Also, Funcom has been using cryptic tweets and forum posts from fictional characters to keep players invested in the game's storyline.
Funcom is also taking a rather interesting approach to combat with
The Secret World, as they have noted (thus far) that players will be
able to mix and match all of their skills to create some very customized
characters, tailored to their needs. According to some interviews,
Funcom has said that they will limit players to bringing seven passive
skills and seven active skills to a fight, and they have stressed the
concept of "collecting" skills, as opposed to simply grinding out levels
to get more.

In combat, there have also been promises of
creating some great spell interactions between players, as many skills
will change the "state" of the enemy. While this has not been confirmed,
my guess would be that all spells and abilities have an associated
"state" that they inflict in addition to their damage, and when multiple
states are inflicted, different effects can take place. Either way,
this adds a unique dimension of party play to The Secret World (although
raiding must be a headache…), and Funcom has stressed that they want to
encourage team cohesion during fights. This comes as a welcome stance
in comparison to other MMOs that have made big shifts away from party
cohesion and have all moved toward strong and independent classes.

what gives The Secret World its greatest appeal is the secret societies
that dwell within it. Players can choose between joining the Templars,
based out of London, the Illuminati, based out of New York, or the
Dragons, based out of Seoul, as a secret society. Through these
societies, players will create their identities and can form "cabals"
(guilds) in-game to vie for guild rankings and notoriety. All in all, it
seems as though Funcom is really stressing the interactive society of
The Secret World, and if they can get to enough players out the door,
I'm hoping to see some tight-knit communities form.

At the end of
the day, however, no amount of new game information can really beat the
news of this new co-publishing partnership between Funcom and EA. The
fact is, many MMO fans I have spoken to have been waiting patiently for
some kind of prod to keep on believing in The Secret World, and it's
certainly great news to hear that a big player like EA also shares our
belief in the game. I suppose all that remains now is to wait for Funcom
to get their PR machine rolling again or, barring that, to at least set
a date when these underdogs will finally step up to compete for the MMORPG limelight.

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:00 am

latest trailer.rumors now is beta is coming in 2 months.i will test it if its true ^^

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PostSubject: Re: The Secret World (April 2012)   Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:02 pm

This past week at the Game Developers Conference, Funcom’s The Secret World got a little bit less secret.In
what is sure to be the first in a longer series of reveals about the
game as it gets closer and closer to its eventual launch, the team, led
by Game Director Ragnar Tornquist, took some tie out to show us some
live gameplay and talk about the game’s PvP, skill system and more.
For anyone who may not have been following this
game prior to today, The Secret World is Funcom’s newest MMO and takes
place on present day Earth. there is, of course, a twist. Everything
supernatural you’ve ever heard of is actually real. Your character is a
part of a secret society that is trying to stop the darkness that has
remained hidden for so long from rising to envelop the world. The game
is classless, and built on a skill system. The game’s action takes place
primarily in the open world, with only a few instances cropping up.
That was what we knew yesterday. Here is what we know today:

The Four PillarsThe first subject that was discussed were the four pillars of The Secret World.First,
you have the modern day setting, which has informed the team’s design
choices in everything from the quests that you get to the itemization,
the locations that you visit. The developers aim to have built a totally
modern MMO, and not a fantasy game with modern wrapping.Second
is character progression. The game defines itself as different by
letting players build their own characters from a large skill wheel,
allowing players the “freedom to define themselves”.Third is the
conflict. Not only are players in the game world battling against the
darkness that rises, but they’re also battling against each other by way
of the three factions, or secret societies.Finally, you have the
story, which informs everything. A great world story is unfolding
around the characters and the game is designed to enhance that feeling.

Live DemoThe
first thing that we were shown in the presentation was the live
gameplay demo. The demo took place in Kingsmouth. Anyone who has been
following the game will remember this as the Stephen king inspired New
England town that gets overrun by zombies which in turn are being
created by strange sea creatures.We saw the way that quests
progress as the devs played through this zone. Each mission is divided
into tiers, think of them like checkpoints that allow players to more
easily move from quest to quest, place to place.In a zombie
setting like Kingsmouth, there are a few expected tropes, but the
developers used one in particular to highlight the player’s ability to
interact with the game’s environment: car alarms.In any good
zombie setting, you’re going to have abandoned cars, and some of those
cars are going to have alarms that, when triggered, will summon hordes
of the walkers to your location. The Secret World is no different.Setting
off a car alarm, when done accidentally can be crippling, but it can
also be used strategically as, for example, a way to spawn more zombies
in the open world (in case you have a quest that requires that).

quest that we saw provided players with waypoint markers that led
players from point to point throughout the mission. We were told,
however, that this won’t be the case in every mission, as they don’t
want to completely handhold for the players. So, it’ll be available in
high action missions, but not in others.
Skill SystemThere
are over 500 unique skills in the game thus far. The developers were
quick to point out that these actually are unique skills, you won’t find
any variation of Fireball I, II, III, IV, etc. as you do in some other
games. A fireball is a fireball and it will scale with your equipment
meaning that players should never be left with obsolete skills.Skills
in the Secret World are split into two categories: active and passive.
Active skills are those that the players trigger when desired, passive
skills are those that just function in the background.Players
will be able to choose an active build for their characters, having
access to only seven active skills and seven passive skills at any given
time. This allows players who may feel one day like playing a DPS
character, and the next day a healer, to do so effectively (provided
they have the relevant skills).Players skill up via experience
points, as in a traditional level-based MMORPG. The difference with TSW
is that skill points only are rewarded via XP.There are three subsets of combat in the game: ranged, melee and magic.

are presented to players in the form of a wheel and are divided into
cells that contain seven different skills, which can be trained
sequentially more like a standard skill tree. Skills at the bottom of
the tree cost less while the top of the tree cost more.For those
players who might not want to claw their way through figuring out the
best build with the skills, pre-made builds are going to be available,
pointing out the best skills for the desired role.
seem to be similar to Public Quests in WAR or Incursions in Rift. These
are the things that happen in the open world that players can and
should band together to solve. The Kingsmouth example that we were given
involved defending a police station where survivors have holed up. If
you’re anywhere nearby, you’ll be able to hear the air raid siren
marking the attack, the idea being that you’ll rush to the station’s

Investigation MissionsOn
top of the more standard MMO quests in the game, the developers have
come up with investigation missions that ask the player to use knowledge
and reasoning to continue forward. The example that we were given
involved a plaque that had two names on it. Putting the names together
sent you to the town hall. At the town hall, you must find a painting of
a poet. Choosing the wrong painting will send you down a false trail,
choosing the correct painting will point you further down the trail to
the next clue, and so on and so on.The goal here is to create a community mindset.
in the PvE aspects of the game, each of the game’s three factions team
up to fight that rising darkness. It should not be forgotten, however,
that these factions are at odds with one another, having different goals
and motivations, and that there is a constant struggle for power.
That’s where PvP comes in to play.

in The Secret World will take place in instances (similar to the way
that it works in Warhammer) that can be entered into either locationally
or from anywhere in the world. Each team is uniformed and battles move
across the map with plenty of terrain advantage for those who know how
to use it.We were also told that there would likely be a PvP
server associated with the game that will allow cross faction fighting
in the open world as well.
Cabals in The Secret World, there will be lots of Cabal support in the
game, though at this time we are told that a Cabal can only be made of
of players from the same secret society, sort of like secret societies
within secret societies.We very much look forward to the new
information that will most certainly be coming our way over the next few
months as The Secret World ramps up for its closed beta test.

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The Secret World (April 2012)
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