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 Universal laws of female armor online

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PostSubject: Universal laws of female armor online   Universal laws of female armor online Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 11:12 am

Some I didn't create, although they were taken and modified to better suit; credit to another gaming forum for their ingenuity.

1)The Laws of Physics and Reality shall have no bearing on armor in our fantasy world and shall be ignored hence forth.

2)An object need only cover 2 square centimeters of skin to be considered armor and can be made from any material known.

3)The armor factor of any given armor piece shall be in direct reverse proportion to the amount of coverage it affords, simply put, The less it covers the greater the armor factor it provides.

4)Spike High Heels not only scream combat ready they also are known to increase combat effectiveness by at least 15%; they are also known to enhance her ability to run cross country for days without rest.

5)Bust size has no bearing whatsoever on a character’s ability to move, shoot, run, nor wield any weapon in the Fantasy world. Contrary to popular belief it also does not proportionately affect the size of her mana pool.

6) Magnificent, full-body covering works of exquisite detail with every seam and stitch painstakingly created are purely artistic. These treasured suits will offer almost no protection.

7) Standard armors may have the odd impractical feature (exposed upper chest or thighs) but generally within reason. These will roughly correspond to stock armors and offer moderate protection.

8) 3 postage stamps and 2 straps, covering roughly 2 square centimeters of skin is considered the optimal setup in terms of personal protection. Armor ratings from this setup is equal to (insert elite armor) armor at master proficiency.

9) The population is duly warned to give the utmost respect and a wide berth to ladies wearing combos of sheer bra and panties with spike heels, as they are known to be the most lethal of all combatants.

10) Revealing clothing or complete lack thereof, is not only a widely accepted form of dress around town, but is also high fashion for any modern adventure!

In most causes, decency is looked down upon if not outright condemned.

11) All enemy attacks will always land on armor instead of skin. So even if your armor looks like a string tied around your waist it'll afford protection equal to, if not surpassing a full suit of body armor!

One theory to explain this odd phenomenon is that supernatural accuracy on the part of your enemy will lead to him to constantly strike at the sole 'protected' area on your body instead of a more vulnerable point.

Another theory to explain this is that your decency - or lack there or - prompts the enemy into a highly concentrated state, imbuing him with ungodly weapon accuracy; where he will seek to break off those select pieces of 'armor' by hitting strategic points.
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PostSubject: Re: Universal laws of female armor online   Universal laws of female armor online Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 1:04 pm

This is SO true ,its scary. regards =)
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Universal laws of female armor online
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