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 Summer Festival Event

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PostSubject: Summer Festival Event   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:07 am

The definitive guide on the Summer Festival!

Summer Festival Guide:
Summer is almost here! During this time time of year you can do
things like take a stroll in the fields, visit loved ones, or just relax
on a warm day. The Nien Beasts, on the other hand, see this as their
opportunity to attack the people of this land. In order to defend
against this threat, the Elders of Astral Light are recruiting all
able-bodied heroes to assist.

Summer Turbulence: (Level 50+
The event begins at 04:00PM and 9:00PM server time.
Speak with the Elder of Astral Light NPCs located at the crossroads of
north, west, and south Archosaur. Accepting the "Summer Turbulence"
quest from them will start a 15 minute timer. It will also place a
Festival Invitation into your bag which will be needed to do the related
quests. Afterwards, the "Nien Attack" quest will be available from the
Elder of Astral Light which you will need to accept to start the main
Contribution Quests
Before heading off to slaughter the Niens, take a look at your Festival
Invitation and visit the NPCs listed on it. Completion of these quests
will reward you with items that increase the amount of Contribution
points you have.
There are basically two types of quests: Visiting quests and
patience quests.
Visting quests - They're exactly what they sound
like: You'll need to visit some NPCs. This may seem simple, but don't
forget that the NPCs that you're looking for will be surrounded by Nien
Minions. You will be rewarded with the following: Incense of Fortune.
Trials of Patience quests - Simply wait however long
you want. The longer you can hold out, the better your reward will be.
You will be rewarded with one of the following: a Small Gift Envelope,
Medium Gift Envelope, or Large Gift Envelope.
There is a 15 minute time limit for you to do as many of these quests
as possible, so get right on it and don't delay! Please remember that
the reward items will serve no purpose to you unless you are currently
on the Nient Attack event, so don't use them unless you are
participating in the event.

Nien Attack
This quest is the main focus of the Summer event in which you will be
tasked to slay 3 waves of mobs. Although this may sound overwhelming,
remember that this is a public event and there will be others doing the
same tasks as you. While you are a participant in the event, you will be
able to earn Contribution points.
Keep in mind that order to receive the best prizes possible,
participants will need to earn as many Contribution points as possible.
Killing these mobs will make up the bulk of your Contribution points.
The Nien Attack can be divided into 3 separate waves that consist of
minions, captains, and finally the beasts themselves.
Wave 1
In the first wave, a total 2010 Nien Minions need to be slayed. All
kills by particpants in this event will add to the total, so you won't
be alone in reaching this goal. Keep in mind that there are five types
of Nien Minions, so choose the type most suited to your level in order
to maximize your Contribution gains. In order of weakest to strongest,
they are:
Prowling Nien Minions - Found outside the northern gate of Archosaur.
They yield a small amount of Contribution points.
Stalking Nien Minions - Found outside the western gate of Archosaur.
They yield a moderate amount of Contribution points.
Invading Nien Minions - Found outside the southern gate of Archosaur.
They yield a large amount of Contribution points.
Burrowing Nien Minions - Found by collecting the herbs spawned during
the event. They also yield a large amount of Contribution points.
Skulking Nien Minions - Also found by collecting the herbs spawned
during the event, but will be harder to find. They yield the most
Contribution points that you can get from a minion.
Wave 2
During this phase, three Nien Captains will show up and
roam in the same areas as the minions. There is 1 captain to the north,
south, and west of Archosaur. Be careful as they are much stronger than
the minions and you will still have the minions to worry about.
However, the amount of Contribution points that they yield is much
higher than any normal minion.
Wave 3
In the final phase, the five Nien Beasts will launch an
assault upon the main cities: Archosaur, The City of the Plume, the
City of the Lost, Etherblade City, and the City of Raging Tides. You can
find each beast wandering outside of the cities. Be cautious as these
ferocious beasts will show no mercy, but their deaths with yield an
incredible amount of Contribution points.
After the Nien Attack is over, the system will
calculate the Contributions points. A random number will be generated
for each participant, augmenting their score by that amount. Players
will receive various levels of prizes depending on what their final
Contribution score is. Claim your prize at any mailbox within 5 minutes.

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Summer Festival Event
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