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 2 dogs - 2 angry owners

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Advisory Board

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2 dogs - 2 angry owners Empty
PostSubject: 2 dogs - 2 angry owners   2 dogs - 2 angry owners Icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 12:35 am

I was walking down the street with my shepherd/ pitbull/ golden retriever mixed dog when I saw another dog owner walk down with his Labradoodle. My eyes glared at his eyes, and his eyes did the same. We past each other and didn't stop. Suddenly, we both stopped and stared straight ahead, and at the same time, we can sense each others detest for the other owner's dog. Then the other owner made a daring move...

"Woops! I should keep my dog's collar tight, otherwise it'd get loose and kill your dog!"
"Is it your dog shitting, or you're making bullshit!"
"Your dog reminds me of what comes out of my ass!"
"Idk what I'm look at, a Labradumbo, or a Labradoodoohole."
"Why're you hating on my dog? Just cuz she's white?!"
"Like Dog owner like pet. You look like a Labradoodoohole."
"Oh yea, you're dogs face looks like this girls face! - Takes out picture-"


"How dare you, dog mother fuc*er! Your dog looks like this!"


"Don't ever compare my dog to Michael Jackson because your dog should be the one getting nose surgery!"
"Don't make me make your dog into a burnt dog, oh wait, it's already burnt!"
"Hating on my dog because it's black...I can't even see your dog it's so white."
"I bet if wiped my shoes on that mut, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the dirt on it's face and the poo on it's tail."
"I bet if I put my sunglasses on, I still couldn't see your dog!"
" I..I bet if you stand next to me, I'd probly fall asleep cuz you're dark as night."
"You're acting so gay defending your dog, it makes me wonder if you're the father of that mut."

Eventually the arguing stopped and the 2 owners walked away.

"Someday, I will beat you eventually in a shutdown contest."
"I will never lose the brightness on my face to you!"

Those 2 whispered their own words and someday, they will argue again...

-True joke/story from my real life friends-
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2 dogs - 2 angry owners
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