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 Warframe: The ever-evolving Online RPG game.

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PostSubject: Warframe: The ever-evolving Online RPG game.   Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:09 pm

Greetings folks, 4 years ago (2012/2013) i tried out a PC game called Warframe when it was Early access on the Steam platform, and 
i didn't stick with it due to it being a vastly different game from what it is today in 2017.

I recently came back to Warframe a couple of months ago after watching a certain Warframe 2017 Convention video; -which i will mention further down in this post. And to put it simply i am lobbying Warframe to this community to build some interest, because the game is changing and becoming bigger and it's really a special experience.

But i don't want to sell it short with just my words, because i'm not all that great at explaining things, so i'll let this amazing review that SkillUP did recently for Warframe in it's 2017 state; this without doubt is a great place to start in discovering Warframe.

Social-wise there is so much Digital Extremes does in social media for Warframe.
They have two types of weekly Twitch streaming shows: a Devstream and something called Prime Time which is more community-based and they do Giveaways and show off people's FanArt, which eventually gets put into the game that can be used to decorate your in-game Spaceship.

And each year they have their own Warframe Convention similar to WoW's Blizzcon, called "Tennocon"


Pretty soon, Warframe will be drastically changing (again) and it's going open-world in it's newest major update called: Plains of Eidolon.

Now in summery, yes, this game came out in 2013, but to be honest it keeps updating so regularly and the effects feel quite dramatic in comparison to it's state it started in- with that said it's hard to call this an older game, because it feels new and polished.

And while this is an RPG, and it is a multiplayer game, it's not massively-multiplayer. (yet)
And it's the "yet" that i'd like to ask people to keep in mind, because this game might become a mmorpg down the road, as that is what Digital Extremes looks to be achieving as an end-goal, but breaking all standardized conventions in the process and blowing away expectations.

So all i ask from you folks here at Aetherius Network to keep Warframe on your radar if you at the very least find it interesting.

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PostSubject: Re: Warframe: The ever-evolving Online RPG game.   Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:25 am

Anyone have a Hunter/Master/Grand Master Founder account on Warframe?
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Warframe: The ever-evolving Online RPG game.
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