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 Incoming hotfixes for 10/13-10/19

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Arcueid Frise

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PostSubject: Incoming hotfixes for 10/13-10/19   Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:04 am

From the official forums

Gildrein wrote:
Details on the Upcoming Hot Fix

As we mentioned recently, we will be performing a hot fix next week where we will be performing adjustments and addressing various things. While the specific details will be announced separately, I would like to give you an overview of what will be done ahead of time.

Changes will be made to the way equipment is bound.

Introducing additional servers and enhancements to act as a countermeasure against the congestion to enter "Amdapor Keep."

The difficulty for level 50 dungeons will be adjusted.
The number of areas where you can acquire Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy and Mythology will be increased as well as the amount you can acquire.

Implementation of a population cap for each field.

Adjustments to the spawn rate of monsters that drop diremite web and additional locations where Karakul can be found.

The amount of experience points that can be acquired on botanist and miner, as well the experience points that can be acquired from their fieldcraft leves, will be increased.

User interface elements related to materia and target information will be adjusted.

In addition to the above adjustments we will also be fixing a number of bugs.

If you're still working on mining/bot, might want to hold off till after the hotfix.
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Incoming hotfixes for 10/13-10/19
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