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PostSubject: FIREFALL   Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:37 am

Hello all,

I see that Firefall wasn't on the list of new MMORPGs. So here are the links that would be of interest for the game.

Official website:

System requirements:

For the Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton fans:

For the Nathan Fillion fans:

The game is by the creators of WoW. The game is said to open in July of this year. It is a F2P game. It is high graphical intense game. I've been playing on it for a week and with the sounds effects you really feel as if your immersed in the game.

Some tips:
You can play first or third view shooter.
Check to make sure your computer can handle the game. My friend couldn't play because her graphics card needs to be updated.
Stay out of the deep water, you will drown.
If you fall out of the sky and not use your boosters to soften the fall, you will die.
You don't loose xp or anything from your inventory if you die. All xp is put into leveling up the gear not your toon.
Everything in your inventory is carried through the different battle frames. (ammo, health, flyer)
There is 5 different battle frames. And then a tier 2 battle frames which couldn't be used unless you bought them with red beans (in game currency)

At the moment I have 5 beta keys. If your interested in playing, PM me.

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