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 PS3 Only: DUST514 Beta (MMOFPS created by CCP, the makers of EvE Online)

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Artinaaz Gunu

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PostSubject: PS3 Only: DUST514 Beta (MMOFPS created by CCP, the makers of EvE Online)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:30 pm

So, the minds over at CCP decided to make a FPS based inside the EvE universe. It's a F2P MMOFPS and uses some interesting in game features. One of those features is a system that you must purchase all of your equipment. Although they give you a minimum of 5 free and unlimited sets of gear, in order to use higher quality setups(more HP/Shields/Accuracy/Hacking ability/ect) you have to purchase them with in game money (ISK) or a form of money that you actually have to buy with real world money (AURUM). You create your dropsuit setup by purchasing everything you want on it and when you die in battle, you lose one of every component on your suit, including one of your suits. For example, if you have 50 rifles, 50 suits, 50 armor boosters, 50 shield boosters and 50 grenades - when you die, you now have 49 of all of the items in the previous list.

Setups are 100% customizable and so is your character's skill sheet.

When starting, it will give you a few different styles of character(medic/antiarmor/assault/sniper) and that choice gives you an unlimited tier 1 dropsuit setup and four tier .5 setups that are also unlimited. That way you aren't stuck in your initial choice. They also, do this because your character is able to get ANY skill you strive for, regardless of your first pick. CCP doesn't want you to have to create a bunch characters to be able to experience everything. Also, this isn't just your everyday shooter, it REQUIRES teamwork in order to win. The game is becoming fully integrated with EvE Online's Tranquility server, in order to allow EvE players to provide assistance, in the form of Orbital Strikes, gear, vehicles(jeeps, tanks, and dropships), and ISK, for their allied counterparts on the surface. Your character in DUST514 is meant to be a Merc that will be hired by EvE players to take planets and other important locations inside the Galaxy. If you play EvE you'll understand where this is able to fit in, when looking at Corporations.

The game is currently in a closed beta state, but will be in open beta on Jan 22. If you want, you can gain access early by:
1: Going to the Dust514 Eternity Lounge section inside Playstation Home.
2: There is an area with a number of video screens and a recruiter standing in the middle. Watch all four videos to completion.
3: Head to the left side of the area (from where you enter) through the doorway. This is the games room where you can play Slay.
4: Play and win a game of Slay. Make sure you read the instructions first. My recommendation is that you play a single player game. (Personally I didn't have to win, they just want you to complete a single match.)
5: Once you have won a game of Slay, head back to where the videos are. The last screen on the right hand side should now give you a beta key you can claim in the PSN store to download the DUST 514 beta.

*There were only 10,000 keys to be given away, so I don't want to make any Guarantees.*

I, also am going to link the DUST514 site in order to allow you to take a look at the game information straight from the makers:

Personally, I DESPISE FPS games, but this one is extremely fun for me. Also, it's F2P so giving it a shot and not liking it won't affect anything in the end. :)
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PS3 Only: DUST514 Beta (MMOFPS created by CCP, the makers of EvE Online)
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