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 Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO to be announced in May

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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PostSubject: Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO to be announced in May   Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:43 am


You know, that pesky Elder Scrolls
MMO rumor just won't die. We've been hearing scuttlebutt of a
Tamriel-themed massively multiplayer title for years now, and even
though Bethesda has debunked such gossip in the past, Tom's Hardware is citing an "industry source" who says the title is a reality.

The latest rumbling posits that the game will feature three factions and
will take place several hundred years prior to the events of Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. Also, some sort of official announcement is supposedly scheduled for May. Following that, the source claims, the Elder Scrolls MMO will have a "presence at E3" in June.

Bethesda has yet to comment, but we'll bring you the latest info as it happens.

Bethesda and ZeniMax are working on Elder Scrolls MMO, Tom's Guide
claimed. The site said "an industry source that wishes to remain
anonymous" was their source and they were quite sure about the Elder
Scrolls MMO as they told that "ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda will
officially announce Elder Scrolls Online in May 2012."

Skyrim takes Elder Scrolls series to a higher level

More details about Elder Scrolls Online were given by the mysterious
source. Taking place a full millennium before Skyrim, Elder Scrolls
Online uses the Elder Scrolls Wiki timeline
as a guide and will likely take place during the "Second Era," or
several hundred years before any of the other Elder Scrolls games.

Large Tamriel world and huge Elder Scroll universe are good for making an indepth MMO

Besides, there will be three playable factions in Elder Scrolls
Online but no further details are given except each faction is
represented by one of three animals: A lion, a dragon, and a bird of
prey. Except for the May 2012 announcement, Elder Scrolls Online will
also be presented at E3 2012 in June and then Quakecon 2012 in August,
"along with id Software’s Doom 4 and several other titles," according to
Tom's Guide.

ZeniMax Online Studios is working on an unannounced massive AAA
quality MMOG that "will challenge the current market leaders". The
studio was founded in 2007 but told nothing about their project. Would
it be Fallout MMO? Not likely as Bethesda just bought back the right to
develop Fallout MMO from Interplay early this year. So it will be Elder
Scrolls MMO? ZeniMax and Bethesda's response to Tom's Guide is "no

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The Almighty Banana
The Almighty Banana

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PostSubject: Re: Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO to be announced in May   Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:07 pm

I dunno if Fallout or Elder scrolls would make good mmo's

Multiplayer? Yea!

MMO? Not sure, until they show me their ideas behind it


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Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO to be announced in May
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