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 [SWTOR] Application

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Number of posts : 9
Location : Singapore
IGN[Game NickName] : cipher
Registration date : 2011-11-10

PostSubject: [SWTOR] Application   Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:33 am

Personal Information

Real Name: Lu ZuoZhong

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Location: Singapore

Game Information

What Game Are you Joining our guild from? SWTOR

In-Game Name: Not decided

Class & Level: Sith inquisitor / Sorc

Official Game Forums Name: konoei

Gaming Experience in which mmorpg: FFXIV, FFXI, WOW, AION, RIFT, various other F2P

Have you been in any other guilds previously? (If yes, which ones?):
Aion -> yakisoba
Some guild names dun remember

Reason for interest in our Guild and, what do you expect from joining Aetherius:
Looking for a semi casual/hardcore guild to play along with
wanted a non drama guild, a place which i can log on play along with like minded people, chill and talk together with

How did you hear about us? friend is also searching for guild

How often do you play weekly?:
weekday usually after evening
weekend usually whole day

What can you offer to the guild?
programming skills, java c c++ c# etc

Are you willing to contribute to the guild?:
for in game items, im more than willing to share. i will be happy to group up with ppl to share items for craft or things i cant use or have extra.

Technical Information

Do you have and use a Microphone? yes

Do you know what Ventrilo is, and if yes, will you use it? yes, but usually i dun speak as much on it.

Do you prefer to lurk on forums, or actively participate? i suppose i lurk more. i post only if i need to

Optional Information

Do you have MSN? yes, but apparently i cant post my email

What kind of personality are you?
im more serious kind of person. i dun speak or talk as much, but im quite fine with crapping and such in the game
when im doing things, im usually more organised
dun have much tolerance for drama in guild, the game is kinda like a enjoying place for me to play and talk, the last thing i wan to have is drama in my safe haven

Do you read or speak any other language?:
japanese (abit)

Anything else you would like us to know?:
im still looking around for a oceanic swtor guild, hopefully one that is singapore based or at least timing is near it
i would to know if the guild is more casual or hardcore, cant find this info anywhere
nothing else come in mind for now
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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

Number of posts : 10794
Location : Singapore
IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
Current Status : Busy at Work
Registration date : 2008-03-31

PostSubject: Re: [SWTOR] Application   Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:55 am

well we are probably a mixture of hardcore and casual players,the guild can be consider semi casual war guild,not hardcore in the sense cos we are not a military structure guild.more of a community and friends guild but we do enjoy pvp heh.

all time zone but have a fairly big portion of us are singaporeans.

our aim is to enjoy the content of swtor and participle in the faction pvp/event raid.expecting to stay in swtor a few months.if game is good then stay longer ^^

any other question u can just read our forum first.i will activate u as a forum members so u can take ur time to decide if u joining us inside swtor :)

in the event u do.remember to register at this link so we can enter the same server

have fun ^^

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Number of posts : 1925
Location : Malaysia
IGN[Game NickName] : Vynch
Current Status : Happy
Registration date : 2009-02-02

PostSubject: Re: [SWTOR] Application   Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:25 am

Lol Yakisoba. I'm surprised.

Mind you, I'm from Yakisoba too, though I joined Zikel server for Aion instead of the unofficial oceanic server.

Also, I assume you're one of the member in the Yakisoba Facebook group too?


If you cannot win at the game, if you cannot solve the puzzle, you are just a loser.
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Number of posts : 575
Location : Malaysia
IGN[Game NickName] : Krice Valmont
Registration date : 2010-02-23

PostSubject: Re: [SWTOR] Application   Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:40 am

Aion Yakisoba? I am there too, last time. IGN Valk (if not mistaken0
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Number of posts : 9
Location : Singapore
IGN[Game NickName] : cipher
Registration date : 2011-11-10

PostSubject: Re: [SWTOR] Application   Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:03 am

cool... i will hang around abit, need to know abit more.
will apply at guild hq later

i forgot the server i am in aion already lol...
i think my ign was vicole for my sorc...
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PostSubject: Re: [SWTOR] Application   

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[SWTOR] Application
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