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 Final Fantasy XIV Plans for Xbox, PS Vita, and Smart Phones

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy XIV Plans for Xbox, PS Vita, and Smart Phones   Mon Oct 24, 2011 2:57 am

After revealed the plan of Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, PS3 and subscription, Square Enix just told FF fans that they have more plans. In a recent interview with RPG Site,
FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the Xbox 360 version wasn't
dead, in fact, they are still in talks with Microsoft about FFIXV for
Xbox 360. Besides, bringing the game to PS Vita is also in Square's

FFXIV 2.0 screenshot (concept)

An interesting thing about FFXIV for Xbox is that, according to Naoki
Yoshida, as Microsoft might be announcing next Xbox console next year,
Square is going to wait and see what will happen. Naoki Yoshida said
that PS3 version is still their priority and they will only turn to Xbox
platform when they deliver what they've promised (release the PS3
version in Q3 2012).

We reported before that Final Fantasy XI
might port to PS Vita but Square didn't confirm that, instead, Naoki
Yoshida revealed that the plan was to land Final Fantasy XIV to PS Vita,
and smart phones. Yoshida said: "not just the Vita, but also smart
phones, so that kind of access will be allowed. What that will open the
door to is things like applications that people can used to check their
inventory, or check the market and purchase things from the auctions.
Those are the things we are laying for in our server foundation, so we
can be ready to implement those after 2.0."

Square Enix has made long-term plan for FFXIV, but the nearest we
will get is FFXIV version 2.0 for PC, and the beginning of subscription

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Final Fantasy XIV Plans for Xbox, PS Vita, and Smart Phones
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