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 Lucent Heart

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PostSubject: Lucent Heart   Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:15 pm

So this game looks relatively terrible, but with depth. Might try it out. :x

Basically it's your general fantasy-esque MMO with some modern aspects like fashion and service-based commerce. It also has a romance system based, possibly, on Zodiac signs and blood types. So, make your charcter and go beat things with weapons or blow them up with magic, then go get lucky with somebody. Sounds like fun?

I'm mostly interested in seeing how the romance and pet systems work. :D YAY! Pets. ^.^ I want a cute something to sick on mah foes and snuggle with at night after I've washed the blood off~ And I don't mean a romantic interest. :/ If I do try this out it'll be sometime next week. Pretty sure it's up and running, was being advertised on
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Lucent Heart
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