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 Aeriagames/AGE Game Polocies and TOS

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PostSubject: Aeriagames/AGE Game Polocies and TOS   Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:43 pm

There has been a disturbing trend lately in how game play is being treated.
Namely, They currently BAN for using the Terrain to safely assault mobs and are discussing possibly making kiting and slide casting among other things BAN offenses. I am gravely concerned about this personally.

As my friend Dangerbar put it more clearly than I did, I shall quote him, instead of my own sim post.
Quote :
This is silly.

By banning for this you create many bureaucratic nightmares and lower community moral (not that I even play this game atm lulz). If this is SO BAD, address it at the proper level: the developer level. Wait the developers don't see a need to change this you say? Oh the developer of the game (who determines game mechanics) did intend for people to be able to take advantage of terrain? So Aeria determines the original developer of the game is wrong?

So let's see...
Aeria forces a certain playstyle through bans:

Aeria receives many tickets on "exploiters"
Aeria spends money for their personnel to process said tickets
People get banned for taking advantage of topography
Much dorama is created due to bans
QQ threads like this
Aeria's reputation falls due to community discontent

or Aeria has the developer address this at the code level (ie u can't attack mobs w/o correct line of site)

People can't abuse terrain
People choose a different playstyle

So tell me, which of the two options above makes the most sense?

Their response was of course, the prior of the suggested/listed options.
They are literally dictating out "play style" when they should address any of these issues from a game mechanics stand point.
This is absurd and utterly ridiculous treatment.

In essence, by simply existing you violate their TOS, plain and simple.

What they are currently attempting to dictate is to compare apples and oranges, like telling you, you cant use fireballs in Street Fighter or the jump button in Super Mario. The game mechanics permit such strategies, have mechanics built in such as movement speed, and the AI accounts for path finding all be it terrible path finding.

Using actual intended game mechanics is not exploiting a bug, it's with in the rules of the games system. At the rate things are going, we will be banned for being more proficient at killing mobs, thus depriving whining noobs of mobs to kill resulting in a ban...... It really is heading in that direction.

The ban offenses I've mention and the Consideration of other game play styles being added to the ban offenses are CONFIRMED by GAME MANAGERS and the PRODUCT MANAGERS. :/
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PostSubject: Re: Aeriagames/AGE Game Polocies and TOS   Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:33 pm

Gpotato was at the top of my blacklist but now... aeriagames might get into the 1st place. NEVER thought they would do something like this fire!
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PostSubject: Re: Aeriagames/AGE Game Polocies and TOS   Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:29 am

Wow, that's really lame. Why should they even care? Oh, right, because people are less likely to spend money on leveling items if they can just safely kill things en masse and level faster that way. -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Aeriagames/AGE Game Polocies and TOS   

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Aeriagames/AGE Game Polocies and TOS
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