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 Dark & Light(2012)(Relaunch Under New Publisher)

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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PostSubject: Dark & Light(2012)(Relaunch Under New Publisher)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:25 am

Dark and Light, the huge MMO project which has gone offline in 2008 is now being developed by Chinese developer Snail Game. Recently, the developer of Age of Wulin revealed some content of the game to us!
Dark and Light is an online game focusing on both free interaction
and dazzling visual effects. As Snail Game's CEO Shi Hai once said, if
we say Age of Wulin is a highly free virtual community, Dark and Light
will be a "real" virtual world.
Gaming World Settings
The Dark and Light world covers an area of more than 40,000
square kilometers(15,000 square miles), 40+ times as large as that of
WoW. Dark and Light offers a variety of races including Human, Elf, Orc,
Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Dragon and so on for players to choose, and
depicts the conflicts between the two opposing factions – Order and

Diversified Character Advancement Modes
There are two types of classes in the game, i.e. combat classes
and life classes. A unique character advancement route will be designed
for you when you create your character. In the beginning, you can
experience the special roles and gaming modes of the various combat
& life classes, and after familiarizing yourself with the gaming
world progressively, you'll be allowed to determine your desired
classes. Therefore, if you find yourself managing to throw a magical
fire ball to the enemy in front while wielding a long sword one day, you
shouldn't be surprised, since such a situation is totally reachable in
Dark and Light, as long as you know well how to balance your character's
two different classes.

Life Classes
Apart from combat classes, Dark and Light also provides players
with various life classes. For example, in the game, you can be a store
owner, a travelling merchant leader, a skilled blacksmith, or an
omniscient surveyor; you can also be a person who travels around the
whole world just in pursuit of a worthy Muehlewbeckia complera, who
tells funny stories and anecdotes to those curious in a tavern, who
learns some unknown histories from various ancient relics inscribed with
cuneiform characters, or who keeps a flying dragon as a reliable
companion… All these make it possible for those who have no relish for
combats to become honorable talents.

Free Homestead Construction
Being a paladin at the start, you can be knighted with a
territory by the king after earning certain fame. In possession of the
territory, you can then invite your friends to build it together, from
mounds to castles, from wasteland to towns. At last, you and your people
can live on this land happily. One day, you may surprisingly find a
natural gold mine in the valley behind your territory. Yes, that belongs
to you! Just lead your people to mine it!

Variable Weather
The in-game variable weather system boosts up the realness of the
gaming world. As is the case with real life, the gaming world can also
be rainy, cloudy, snowy, sunny… Players can fully experience the
variable weather in Dark and Light, and even feel its impact on the
gaming world. For example, an unexpected heavy snowfall may get the
bustling market closed early, and with the use of the ice wind spell,
the snowy world will be entangled in an ice storm.

Convenient Vehicles
Imagine how we can travel around such a huge world happily on
foot! As for this, the game offers players various kinds of vehicles so
as to facilitate their travel, e.g. dragons plying between towns, aerial
cable cars crossing over canyons, portable paragliders… Of course, a
mount excellent at running or a strong flying dragon will also be a good
choice. Honeycomb Engine Technology Overturns Traditional Server

Players will compete with each other on the sole server. Moreover,
Dark and Light breaks away from the traditional characterless
fight-to-advance mode, and brings players more leveling methods. For
instance, to level up, players can take part in some political
activities or trade with others.

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The Almighty Banana
The Almighty Banana

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PostSubject: Re: Dark & Light(2012)(Relaunch Under New Publisher)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:39 am

Somehow I got the feeling this ll compete a lot with ArchAge

And I got the feeling that ArchAge is a stronger project then this one


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Dark & Light(2012)(Relaunch Under New Publisher)
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