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 Leda (Application)

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Number of posts : 1
Location : Puerto Rico
IGN[Game NickName] : Leda
Registration date : 2011-02-22

PostSubject: Leda (Application)   Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:41 pm

Was unsure where to post this (only application subforum I see seems to be for ff14), so please move or delete if necessary.


1) How did you hear about Aetherius?
Daily/Dungeon/Dm parties
2) Do you know anyone in Aetherius? How well do they know you? Ask them to post in your thread or send me a PM.
I've partied with a couple of you, but unfortunately i can't say anyone knows me that well
3) What influenced your decision to play on the Luminous Star Server?
A couple of friends of mine invited me to play iris on this server
4) How long have you been playing Iris?
About a month
5) What time of day/night (specify time zone) can we generally find you online?
around 3pm-10pm PST
6) What is it that you hope that Iris as a guild and community can do for you?
7) Please list the history of guilds you have been in, and why you left them. If you've never been in a guild before, tell us what has caused your decision to apply here.
The7thSin-->this is the guild my friends made when we started playing iris, all of them are now inactive so i left
Exile--> While I have no personal problems with anyone in this guild, it does not have an english speaking policy. Chat is 90% tagalog which i do not understand so i've felt left out of the conversation many times, as well as about 5 of us who do not speak the language. I dont mind ppl talking other languages here and there, but all the time just alienates a few peeps and thats not something i believe should happen in a guild.

8) Tell us a bit about yourself as a player: your habits and preferences on things in game. What are you interested in doing?
Well usually as a player i try to be self sufficient, so as to not annoy the hell out of someone with requests. However if asked for help i will usually provide it, i've even done dailies all over again just to help healers do em, stuff like that. This doesn't mean i don't do parties, on the contrary. It just means I'm not THAT guy flooding chat with "help me this help me that gimme gimme gimme kthanx bye have fun soloing the rest"
9) What brings you the most enjoyment in game?
Dungeons, Bosses... just doing them, if you're doing one call me and the only time i wont get there asap is if im in DM/FM. I dont mind much for the items at this point, so far i have not had any trouble grinding/questing with the current really crappy gear i have... and its not like doing rdps as a Scout requires any skill on my part. I DO want to get stronger but im not in any rush to do so.
10) What is your biggest gripe about Iris in its current state?
Right now it would be the poorly balanced DM/FM system and self buff and debuff bugs (primarily corrupted marsh since it will bug the rest of my skills and render me useless)
11) Do you currently use voice chat (ventrilo specifically)? Do you have any problem with using it for groups/raids?
Yes, I use and speak on vent.

Personal (the mind behind the pixels):

1) Cats or Dogs?
2) Tell us a little about you, the person. What would you like us to know? Anything unique, strange, or interesting you'd like to share?
3) How old are you? (if not answered in #2)
4) What do you look for in friends the most, both in game and out?
Trust, loyalty
5) What games and activities do you enjoy outside of Iris?
Watching anime. Playing Soccer. BEER! (and no im not an alcoholic i just like tasting different kinds of beers)

Character (the pixellated kind):

1) What is your main character's name, level, class, and spec?
2) How experienced are you with playing this character?
Fairly well, even if my damage isn't much i have no problem in rapidly clicking an Knocking/Silencing warlocks in pvp, i know what im good against, and what im not.
3) Are you interested in different talent specs, or are you in love with your current one?
My current one works just fine in all that is single target dps, and i like it
4) Would you be interested in changing your spec, in a group/raid situation, to help overcome a particularly difficult obstacle?
If my skills/stats/gears have to be modified to further benefit the guild then yes. That reminds me, i owe your guildie "Shrapnel" thanks on some skill tips he gave me.
5) Do you have any alts that you would plan to bring to the guild? Tell us a bit about them.
I have alts but i rarely play them, in most games i've played i usually just focus one character. So no im not planning on joining anything with them
6) Do you have any characters in other guilds?

Last question:

Why do you think that Aetherius would be a good fit for you, both as a person, and a player?
English speaking, well organized, active. I believe these things will make my stay in Iris more enyoyable.

By submitting this application, you understand and agree to the following:

I have read, and agree to abide by all guild rules. If I have an issue with the guild's rules or members, I will discuss it with the officers calmly to see if any acceptable solution can be found.

I understand the principles on which the guild was founded, and agree to uphold them to the best of my ability.

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PostSubject: Re: Leda (Application)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:02 am

Hi Leda,

Have also pm-ed you in game. We are in the midst of discussion with regards to your application. Rest assure we are giving it serious thoughts and we will get back asap on this.

Thank you for taking the time for providing so much detailed information.

Speak soon ^^
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Leda (Application)
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