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 Aetherius at capacity in Luminous Star

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PostSubject: Aetherius at capacity in Luminous Star   Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:55 pm

This post it to let those interested in joining Aetherius on Luminous Star that the guild is currently filled to capacity (70 members). We have a long wait-list of people interested in joining, but unfortunately cannot add any more people. We have purged any blatant inactives and currently have one of the largest and most active guilds on the server. We are working hard (grinding) to rank up the guild level so that we may enlarge capacity, so anyone interested please have the drive, motivation, and play time available to contribute.

Aetherius Network members that wish to join, we ask that you show interest here, then achieve the level of 40 and we will make necessary accomodations to ensure a slot in the guild. Our current member level average is lvl 46. Please consider that is out of 70 members. I recommend exploring the game, networking, even joining other guilds to enjoy the dungeons and pvp content befitting your current level. At level 40 you will be more able to join in on our daily dungeon runs, World Boss raids, pvp and questing.

Any other Luminous Star players interested in joining Aetherius must be at least lvl 45 or higher to be considered. Please contact Sephoria in-game with your interest.
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Aetherius at capacity in Luminous Star
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