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 New! Blessing of Hades and a Price Reduction!

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Celestial Council

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PostSubject: New! Blessing of Hades and a Price Reduction!   Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:04 am

Have you been feeling a distinct lack of gigantic wings in BoI? What
about rare fashion items in general? Well then, allow me to introduce
the Blessing of Hades box! Opening this box will get you some amazing
things, the most noteworthy of those being the Hades Feather and
Berzerker of Steel fashion items! The wings are truly amazing, with
their massive span and flapping animation. Itís amazing that riding a
mount while wearing these wings doesnít cause you to take off like a

In addition to looking amazing, these two new fashion items also come
pre-loaded with some great statistical bonuses. See the following
screenshots for the full breakdown:

The Blessing of Hades box comes in both male and female versions, so
make sure you get the correct gender if youíre going to shoot for the
fashion items.
Thereís also a ton of other great stuff up for grabs. Hereís a list
of things you can potentially get out of this box:
Major Fortify Crystal
Gem of Hel Fragment
Fortify Charm
Rainbow Meteor
Odin's Soul Jade LV 4
LV 2 Gem Chest
LV 3 Gem Chest
LV 4 Gem Chest
Wolfking Karth's Soul
Hades Feather Backgear
Berzerker of Steel Outfit

But that's not all, folks! Good news for everyone that enjoyed the
price of Blessing of the Tiger boxes when they were on sale Ė because
thatís their new price permanently! Thatís right, these boxes are now
marked down to 50 Zen a piece forever.

Nowís the time to stock up and get your hands on all the neat stuff
these boxes have to offer. Whether youíre shooting for a Soul of
Wolfking Karth or enough Gem of Hel fragments to make into a high level
version, or just looking for some Major Fortification Crystals, this box
has it covered.

Here's the droptable for this item:

F-Protect +10
Major Fortify Crystal
Fortify Charm
Rainbow Meteor
Gem of Hel Fragment
Warcry Trumpet
Odin's Soul Jade LV 4
Fresh Flower x99
Rune of Stardust Recharger
[Starword] Crescent
[Rune of Stardust] Silence
Wolfking Karth's Soul
Eastern Lion

A quick note regarding F-protect +10's. Soul gear in the level 100
bracket has their fortification limit extended from a maximum of +10 to
+13, so the F-protect +10 is currently the only way to ensure you don't
lose precious fortification levels when attempting to go beyond the +10
fortification level on these items.

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New! Blessing of Hades and a Price Reduction!
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