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 Notice From Sanctum New Leader - For Aetherus Member That Stayed!

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PostSubject: Notice From Sanctum New Leader - For Aetherus Member That Stayed!   Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:26 pm

Kazina & Hellion strives to construct and maintain a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for all individuals regardless of sex, creed, color, sexual orientation, et. al. to find entertainment and converse with other players who are present to do the same. To do so, we have defined specific Guild rules and penalties which are constantly enforced without prejudice for the well being of our Guild. The rules and penalties citied below are commonly acceptable by not only gaming communities but by the population in general.

By entering our Guild areas which are designated under the "Rizing Spirit-Aetherius Network" likeness, you are hereby agreeing to follow such regulations. At any time may individuals be removed from services hosted, provided, or sponsored directly by Rizing Spirit-Aetherius Network for any reason upon decision of staff. While we state the rules as brief and clearly as possible, it is recommended that all players follow them both to the letter and the spirit in which they were made:

General Rules

1. Respect your Guild. (Treat them how you want to be treated)
2. Honesty in your dealings. If you made a mistake, or broke one of the rules, own up and clarify. The Guild is more reasonable than you think.
3. Be responsible for what you do.
4. Help your fellow Guild Members when you can.
5. Exercise common sense. If you think its not a good idea, don't do it. When in doubt, ask.
6. Always ask the following people if you have important questions. Leaders, Wardens, and Guild. (Leaders, Wardens are more than likely to be the most qualified to answer difficult questions regarding the game.)


Guild Channel Rules

1. Please use ENGLISH when using Guild Channels. Reminders will be given if none-understandable languages are used. Persistent use/complaints from other members will result in offender getting temporary kick/fine.
2. No fighting in Guild. Debates/discussions are ok but should cease when deputies/moderators request.
3. Do not use insulting words. Exclaiming "Damn" "s***" etc when it is not directed to anyone is ok. Just don't overdo. (We may have under-aged players)
5. Selling/Buying requests are allowed but please do not spam. Send only once in approximately. (Depending how desperate you are )


Broadcast Channel Rules (Vent or Any Messaging System)

1. Do not Disrespect Enemy/Allies/Guild Member/Any one in BC
2. Do not use insulting words. Exclaiming "Damn" "s***" "c***" etc when it is not directed to anyone is ok. Just don't overdo. (We may have under-aged players)
3. You will be Fined or kicked base on how bad you get in the BC.
You disrespect to your self and Guild by doing insulting words.



1. Guild will not protect scammers. If you scammed and get scammed back, it is your just reward.
2. Scammers face immediate Lifetime KOS and Sack unless in unique circumstances. Penalty is on case by case basis. Kicked from Guild!
3. If you get scammed. Guild may consider KOS the scammer in every game we go.



1. No Drama aloud. No fighting or talking about each other in Guild. If there is Drama I will kick or Suspend You.. Until drama is over your welcome come back!
2. No telling us your better then us or each other that is drama. I will not put up with it . We are here have fun and enjoy games. Not Show Off!


LVL - Drama

1. No more i need party for lvl +++ in guild. That bring drama to the guild. Ask for team In chat. And never refuse!!!!! I will not put up with people refusing there owen guild members be cause they two low or two high in lvl.
2. Refuse only if Quest WARRANTS. Example . Giza Pryamid Lvl 65 above - only if they below that lvl - World Tree Garden 70 Above. only if they below that lvl -
3. I want people to answer back to guild members. "I cant right now" "quest is only 60 lvl or higher" lease answer somthing to them. Even if people ase for items in guild lease answer back so they do not feel ingnor.

Guild - Contubtions

1. Must reach 1k - No If AND Or Buts With-In 3 Month Of you staying with us." we added dates to nick names we stated day we join as leaders "

1. Infomation; Port: 9154 Down Load TeamSpeak3


1. Try get people in Reborn and people ing Sanctum apart so wont have to much conflixs

New Goals For Guild-

1. We will be getting low lvl members. You find best players when they are new players. I have done this for many years have found many good people and have stayed. There is nothing wrong starting from bottom work there way up. We will rebuild the guild up from scrach and bring new players and members.
2. Contubtions Must Reach 1k and there be no more demands for contributions. once you have Reach 1k you get gift from me personaly. "$10.00 zen card"
3. I will hold monthly events for the guild members and for the leaders.
4. I will post guild partys in website times what quest will be doing there will be no lvl limit all is welcome. I would like two guild member take your time help out doing this. :)

NOTE: All member are welcome to come back if things does not work out. And shu or sin at any time come back for any reason or no reason at all i will pass guild back to them and to them personaly!!!
Have any problems with these rules please message me .

From New Leader Kazina & Hellion
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PostSubject: Re: Notice From Sanctum New Leader - For Aetherus Member That Stayed!   Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:12 am

nicely done tina ^^

if need help from pk and stuff just find sanctum/aeth people in reborn and ask.we will response unless we busy or afk.

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Notice From Sanctum New Leader - For Aetherus Member That Stayed!
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