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 Patch Notes – 0603

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
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PostSubject: Patch Notes – 0603   Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:22 am

Patch Notes
– 0603

by CrabClaw
@ Jun 8, 2010 5:20 PM
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Issue involving AVG antivirus false positives resolved
Zodiac cards available for purchase once again from Gaya
Energy potions removed from game
User Interface
Pet lock button now appears correctly.
Alter chalice interface text misalignment fixed
Issue preventing server select on character selection screen resolved
Purchasing an item now displays a line of text displaying your purchase
Key of Fine Silver – Item flavor text altered
Chrono Lair Event intro text clarified
Lava Heights – Many instances of battle text have been revised
Lava Heights – Many system messages have had their text clarified
Burning Land – level 80 Fallen Magus normal and elite has had quest
objectives clarified
Lost Soul level 84 scenario quest – Entire quest line has been
re-written for clarity
Pit of Reckoning – Several instances of NPC text clarified
Lava Heights – Battle text clarified
Lava Heights – System messages clarified
Khufu Desert Depths – NPC’s Gold Libra, Horus’ text clarified
Khufu Desert Depths – Level 85 and level 86 scenario questline quest
text has been re-done for clarification
Khufu Desert Depths – Scenario quest To Set’s Temple has had quest
completion text clarified
Set’s Temple – All battle text clarified
Dragon Emperors Stamp quest text revised for clarity
Dragonblood event has had system messages revised for clarity
Crazy shopping highest reward message has been edited for clarity
Tree of Life has had text related to rewards and benefits changed to
accurately reflect actual effects
Milias’ Guard battle text typo fixed
Error message now displays for incorrect private message format
Chinese text removed from marriage events
English text now appears when interrupted while gathering/mounting/etc
Heracles’ belt typo corrected
Hermes’ staff typo corrected
Marriage skills text descriptions clarified
Universe Emblem – Item effect description clarified
Crusade for Poseidon– Wanted scrolls and quest descriptions have
undergone text clarification
Bermuda Islands – Several NPC’s greeting text changed
Land of the Dead – NPC Minos and Pandora’s text changed
Line break in Academic Tests fixed
Crypt of the Arch Priestess – NPC greeting text changed
Milias’ Guard battle text typo fixed
Guild list text cutoff fixed

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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

Number of posts : 10802
Location : Singapore
IGN[Game NickName] : Ashura/Iori Yagami
Current Status : Busy at Work
Registration date : 2008-03-31

PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes – 0603   Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:29 am

Pet Skill Guide and Advanced Pet Skill Sale

by CrabClaw
@ Jun 8, 2010 3:31 PM
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This sale will run up until
next week’s maintenance. Details are at the bottom of this post.

Pets can contribute to your damage dealing power in more ways than
simple auto attacks. However, before your pet can become an enraged
death dealing machine, you’re going to want to unlock its fullest
potential. This guide will show you how you to unlock and alter skill
slots attached to your pet, and turn it into something that will make
your friends love you, and your enemies hate you.

All pets come with one open skill slot, although which skill type it
will be is randomly generated. In order to open the remaining five
sealed skill slots, you must first use seal removal stones. Seal
removal stones can be acquired in several different ways, the quickest
and easiest of which is through the marketplace. Other methods of
acquiring seal removal stones are the daily Bounty Hunter event, and
some specific quests give seal removal stones as well. You can also buy
them from player shops in Atlantis Square.

So you’ve got some seal removal stones. Now you’re going to want to
talk to Ligg (113, 193) in Atlantis Square. Select “Unlock skill slot”
from the list of choices. From here, you’re going to select which pet
you want to unlock slots for. I’ve selected my giant crab for this
example. Drag your seal removal stones into the box at the bottom, and
then press the “remove seal” button at the bottom of the window. Each
seal removal stone has a chance to remove a seal, so keep trying until
you get the desired number of skill slots unlocked.

Alright, so you’ve unlocked all six slots, but you didn’t get any of
the attack slots you wanted. Never fear, for the Universe Emblem item
exists which will allow you to reroll the type of skill assigned to a
slot. Universe Emblems can be gotten in the same ways that seal removal
stones are, through the marketplace, bounty hunter event, quest
rewards, and player shops.

Each universe emblem is good for one reroll. The results you get
from each reroll is random. In order to use your Universe Emblems, talk
to Ligg (the same person you use for pet skill unlocking), and select
“alter pet skill slot”. Drag your Universe Emblems into the box at the
bottom. Next, select which skill slot you want to reroll by clicking on
it on the bar of skills your pet has unlocked. Once you’re ready,
click “confirm” and the slot will be rerolled. You can reroll slots
that already have skills in them, but the skill will be erased.

So you’re slots are all unlocked, you’ve got the perfect spread of
skill types, and now you’re ready to start loading the proverbial
barrels of your pets death dealing capabilities. The first thing you’re
going to need are the actual skills that fit into each of the slots
you’ve perfected. You can buy some basic skills from Zuriel (108, 915)
right next to Ligg in Atlantis Square, but the skills are exactly like
they sound – basic. The “advanced” versions of skills are obtained
through the marketplace, some events like Dragon Island and Rainbow
Sonata, or, as always, through player shops in Atlantis Square.

Slotting your skills is a simple process. Simply talk to Ligg again
and select “Learn pet skills”. Choose the pet you want to add skills
to from the list, and then drag the skill you’ve gotten for your pet out
of your inventory and into the box at the bottom of the window. You
will then have to select which slots you want to put the skill into.
The skill types must match, so attack skills can only slot into attack
skill slots, special skills can only go into special slots, and so on.
Do not try to use two skills of the exact same type, i.e. don’t try to
slot advanced illusion blade twice – your pet won’t use the skill twice
as fast or gain any benefit whatsoever.
Once you’re sure you want to slot your skill, click “Learn” at the
bottom, and voila! Your pet will consume the skill and add it to its
repertoire. Repeat this process as many times as you need to until
you’re satisfied that your pet has reached its fullest potential.
Skills that are not used by the pet automatically will be added to a
separate skill bar located near the lower right of the screen. You will
have to click these skills manually to use them. Many special skills
are manually cast in this fashion.

Easy enough, right? To celebrate a new age of pet skill
understanding, BoI will be having an advanced attack pet skill sale!
But that’s not all – to make the process as easy as possible, Seal
Removal Stones and Universe Emblems are on sale as well, for up to 50%

The following skills are on sale:
• Advanced Flesh Ream
• Advanced Illusionblade
• Advanced Impact
• Advanced Shadowstrike
• Advanced Spiritslash

The following items are on sale:
• Seal Removal Stone
• Universe Emblem

The sale will run up until next
week’s maintenance.

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Patch Notes – 0603
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