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 Patch Notes – 5240

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Celestial Council

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PostSubject: Patch Notes – 5240   Wed May 26, 2010 1:58 am

Patch Notes Version 5240
Released May 25, 2010

Launcher/Server List
Removed the Server List from the Launcher. Players will
now see all 4 servers under the server list upon logging into the game.
Added descriptors for each server's region.

User Interface
Loot Window – Resolved a bug that resulted in the right
side of the loot window being cut off.
Fixed a bug that allowed long item names to bleed outside of the loot
PvP setting tooltips relocalized for clarity.
Relic refinement menu has been relocalized.
Technology and Craft menu has undergone further optimization and
Alter Bling interface has been re-aligned.
Alter Back Equipment interface has been re-localized.
Safety Lock text cut-off has been fixed.
Several menus and quests related to the marriage system have been
updated for clarity.
Fixed some incorrect descriptions in the Hairdresser interface.

Great Adventurer event has been relocalized.
Warning of Wisdom – Fixed it so random characters don’t pop up during
the quiz.
Giza Pyramid – Updated several messages from the Arch Priest.
Giza Pyramid – Updated several system messages for the event.
Giza Pyramid – Updated several messages from Kadina.
Specter Island – System messages have been updated.
Pyramid – Relocalized event description.

General Text
Mail notification for ZEN purchase system has been
Readjusted a variety of text related to Set’s Temple.
Relocalized Siren’s Call skill for consistency.
Changed mob name Thorn Guardian to Forest Guardian.

Level 13 – Help Ardth – Quest auto-route updated.
Level 35 – God’s Power 1 – Quest description updated.
Level 35 – God’s Power 2 – Quest text updated.
Level 84 – Return to Human World – Updated quest objectives.
Level 85 – Sneak First – Updated quest objectives.
Level 85 – Sneak in a Second Time – Updated quest text.
Level 85 – Horus: Stealth Potion – Updated quest text.
Level 95 – Abyss of Trial – Updated quest text.
Kardanny – Fixed an auto-route quest objective.
Pit of Reckoning – NPC names change for better consistency.
Pyramid - Pyramid of Hallucination – Updated several quests for
Pyramid - Solar God’s Plate – Updated the entire quest line for
Pyramid – Mista’s Revenge – Updated the entire quest line for clarity.
Pyramid – Like a Shining Star – In progress text updated.
Pyramid – Permanent Souls – Quest objective updated.
Pyramid – Pharaoh’s Codes – Quest log objective updated.
Viking Steppe – Threat Display – Quest name changed to be unique.

Pet Skills
The following pet skills have had their tooltips
updated for consistency:
Advanced Bluntbrain
Advanced Intellect
Advanced Magery
Advanced Penetrate
Advanced Rampage
Advanced Rapidness
Advanced Stoneskin
Advanced Toughness
Advanced Understanding
Advanced Weaken

The following
pet skills have had their tooltips updated for clarification:
Advanced Health Transfer
Advanced Mana Sacrifice
Advanced Mana Recovery

The tooltips/names of the following items have been updated:
Blessing of Rage
Blessing of Luck
Bowknot – Prancing
Fortify Charm
Gift of Myth
Gift of Magic
Gift of Life
Gift of War
Meat Loaf
Pet Info Scroll
Potion of Potential
Rocky of Tyr LV2
Stone of Flame
Stone of Frost LV2
Specter Island Elite Pass

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Patch Notes – 5240
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