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 In Development – May 14

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PostSubject: In Development – May 14   Sat May 15, 2010 9:41 am

Development – May 14

by frankieraye
@ May 14, 2010 6:04

Greetings BoI Players,
It’s been a crazy couple of weeks let me tell you. Since we’ve
opened up our servers and officially launched back on May 4th, we’ve had
a flood of new players come and join Battle of the Immortals. We here
on the PWE Team wanted to take a minute and update you guys on what’s
going on behind closed doors.

This past week we issued our first patch that updated a lot of
content in the game as well as edited a huge amount of text for better
clarity and direction in-game. Over the next few weeks we’ll be
continuously updating the game and ensuring that your experience in BoI
is as clean as possible.
Now we’ve seen a lot of feedback on our forums and via our surveys
and we’ve started to identify some key gameplay issues that players are
concerned about:

  • Leveling rate after 60
  • Amount of content between 50 and 80
  • Lack of variety of skills
  • Low drop rate of level 45 Soul Gear
  • Lack of variety within existing daily events

After having extensive conversations with the development team about
these issues, we’ve got some gameplay changes that are in the works that
are sure to ease some of the above concerns. Now without delaying any
further, let’s get into what we’re working on.

Level 45 Soul Gear

A lot of players have pointed out that the drop rate of the level 45
Soul Gear is incredibly low. So low in-fact that by the time you get
any pieces, you’ve usually reached level 60 already and are working to
collect the level 60 set of Soul Gear. In response, we’ve decided to
increase the drop rate for level 45 Soul Gear, and we will be rolling
out an update next week to change this.

New In-Game Events
In order to address the rate of leveling after 60, we’re going to be
adding a ton of new events to Battle of the Immortals. We’re currently
in the process of designing and implementing some new daily events to
BoI. These events target players within the 50 to 80 range and will
provide you guys with a wealth of new content to engage with while in
that level range. What’s even more important is that the design of one
of these events will involve you the players.

The Zodiac Gauntlet

We’ve been getting a lot of complaints that many events in BoI are
too similar. Trial for the Brave, Dragon Island, Lost Ruins, and Fallen
Darkness all task groups of players with killing wave after wave of
monsters. So we’re currently working on something new, the Zodiac
Gauntlet. This is a new daily event that is being designed directly for
the North American and European players.
The Zodiac Gauntlet is a daily event where you and a group of friends
will face off against random Zodiac Bosses. This means that every day
when you do this event, you’ll be faced with a different combination of
bosses and in different orders. Also, we’re ensuring that the design of
these fights involves some thinking. These won’t all just be tank and
spank bosses. Some of them will require some thought and strategy in
order to defeat. So how will you, the players, be involved with the
development of this event?

We will be releasing the Zodiac Gauntlet in pieces. We’ll be
releasing it one boss at a time, and each boss will be their own
separate daily event for you and your friends to try. As we release
each boss, we’ll be pinging our player base via the forums and via
surveys for feedback on every given boss. Additionally, as we roll out
Zodiac Bosses, we’ll welcome any suggestions or ideas for upcoming
Zodiac Bosses that are still being developed. Once all bosses are
complete, they’ll be rolled into one huge event that will pit you and
your friends against random Zodiac Bosses. This is your chance to be
part of the development process, so don’t miss out on it. Stay tuned
for future posts about the progression of this event.

New Skills and Abilities

A lot of players have complained about the lack of variety in the
current skills and abilities for their respective classes. So we’ve
already begun working on some new skills for all of the classes that
help both define each classes role as well as make them more exciting
and fun to play. We’ll be posting a preview of these skills sometime in
the near future.

New Dungeons, Maps, and

There are several new dungeons that are past the initial concept
phase and are being moved into development now. These dungeons involve
an adventure we’re simply calling “The Evil Castle” for now, and an
Atlantis themed dungeon called “The Palace of Poseidon”.

Heroes of Atlantis System
There are many people in Battle of the Immortals that slave away and
play 24/7 in order to be the most powerful of their respective class, or
to climb the leveling ladder. Prepare to be recognized for your hard
work. The Heroes of Atlantis System will add a series of platforms in
town that will display the character models of the top tier players for
several in-game ranking categories.
Now there’s a lot of you out there who don’t care about the rankings,
and guess what, this new feature is still relevant to you. Why? These
statues of the top tier players will be providing you with new daily
quests and “hero” quests. We’ll be releasing more info on these quests

New Pets
Our designers and devs have been working on a mess of new pets for
you to capture, raise, and rule the land with. These range from fun
wacky pets to bad-ass and amazing looking pets.

And lots lots more…

Honestly this is only a slice of what’s being worked on right now.
There is a huge amount of content that is in the pipeline for Battle
of the Immortals
, and once we get more details knocked out,
you can bet that we’ll let you guys know right away. We are here to
prove our dedication to you guys and show you that we're not only
listening to what you guys have to say, but acting on that feedback. Battle
of the Immortals
has had an epic launch, but we are just
getting started guys.
Flame us for not making the changes that you wanted, or praise us for
catering to your specific needs. This is a dialogue between you and
us, so post your comments below, and let us know what you think.

The BoI and PWE Team

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The Almighty Banana

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PostSubject: Re: In Development – May 14   Sat May 15, 2010 11:38 am

mmm nice


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In Development – May 14
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