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 patch for April 27th

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PostSubject: patch for April 27th   Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:32 am

Patch Notes Version 422

by frankieraye @ Apr 27, 2010 7:25 PM
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Patch Notes Version 422
Gameplay Changes

  • WASD keys may now be used to move your character in-game.
  • TAB may now be used to automatically target nearby monsters.
  • Many of the game’s existing key bindings have been remapped, check further down this post for the complete list of changes.
  • In-game font has been changed.
  • In-game bot/combat aid has been removed.
  • Soul Gear should now be tradable.

User Interface

  • Right quick bar has been fixed, now accurately lines up with the F1-8 keys.
  • Class names above character portrait are now correct.
  • Equipment slots on the character menu are now labeled.
  • The gear tab in the character window now has proper class names.
  • When splitting stacks of items, the cursor will now change.
  • Fixed bleeding text in gem combining menu.
  • About bag tooltip has been relocalized.
  • Removed bleeding text from party menu.
  • Fixed a wide variety of display/text issues with the Technology/Craft menus.
  • Fixed text bleeding in the Skill Training/Upgrade menu.
  • Revised pop-up messages players receive at level 20.
  • Fixed salary description text in exit window.

General Text

  • The data tab in the character interface has been optimized, removed text bleeding.
  • The Warcry Beneath pop-up has been localized properly and updated.
  • Re-localized Battlefield text related to honor/glory.
  • Revised text for video capture tool.
  • Active route relocalized to auto-route.
  • Tooltips on server list have been corrected.


  • Changed” Atlantis” to “East” in preparation for Open Beta.
  • Fixed some incorrect tooltips on the launcher.


  • The following locations have had graphical changes to their local maps:

    • Expedition Camp
    • Dragon Emperor’s Catacombs
    • Khufu Desert Depths

  • Splash/Loading Screens

    • The following zones have had changes made to their loading screens:

      • Fort Glacier
      • Khufu Desert Depths
      • Energy Well 1
      • Energy Well 2
      • Energy Well 3
      • Outer Ruins
      • Behemoth’s Lair
      • Atrium
      • Divine Battleground
      • Set’s Temple
      • Rocky Abyss Level 9
      • Quetzalcoatl Ruins
      • Queen’s Catacombs
      • Osiris’ Temple
      • Maze of Mystery
      • Gates of Hell
      • Wonderland
      • Celebeam Cave

New Hotkeys

Hotkey Function
Mouse - Left Click Move Character / Select and attack Target
Mouse - Right Click (Hold button down) Rotate Camera / View options on Players and Player's pets.
Mouse Scroll Zoom Caemera In/Out
W Move Character Up
A Move Character Left
D Move Character Right
S Move Character Down
Home Zoom Camera Out
End Zoom Camera In
Tab Change Target
C Gear / Attribute
B Bag / Inventory
Q Quest Log
K Skill Window
G Guild Options
F Friends List
Esc Close Current UI Window / Open System Options
Enter Activate Chat
1 Skill Shortcut 1
2 Skill Shortcut 2
3 Skill Shortcut 3
4 Skill Shortcut 4
5 Skill Shortcut 5
6 Skill Shortcut 6
7 Skill Shortcut 7
8 Skill Shortcut 8
9 Skill Shortcut 9
0 Skill Shortcut 10
F1 Side Skill Shortcut F1
F2 Side Skill Shortcut F2
F3 Side Skill Shortcut F3
F4 Side Skill Shortcut F4
F5 Side Skill Shortcut F5
F6 Side Skill Shortcut F6
F7 Side Skill Shortcut F7
F8 Side Skill Shortcut F8
F9 Hotkey Help Description
F11 Hide All UI
F12 Show / Hide Player Characters
N World Map
M Loca Area Map
O Marketplace
I Relic
X Pet Menu
Z Mount Menu
P Party Menu
R Rankings List
T Trade Function
V Tech System
L The Chronicles
Y Deity Menu
Alt + Enter Switch between Windowed / Fullscreen Mode
Alt + Delete Clear all previous chat
Ctrl + A Toggle PVP Status

big changes. good stuff
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Advisory Board
Advisory Board

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PostSubject: Re: patch for April 27th   Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:53 am

yeh nice changes. only one they still need to add is mana/hp regen rates

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The Almighty Banana
The Almighty Banana

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PostSubject: Re: patch for April 27th   Wed Apr 28, 2010 6:18 am

Oh ya look like nice updates!
And I checked the vid and at least the team on this game seems to understand their customers needs and wants quite a lot better then 99% of the rest of PW teams.


Mmos to play or test: ArcheAge - Black Desert - B&S - Wildstar - Everquest Next - Icarus
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Leaders Council
Leaders Council

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PostSubject: Re: patch for April 27th   Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:14 pm

yup agreed
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PostSubject: Re: patch for April 27th   Sat May 01, 2010 1:44 am

yay noticeable changes ;D
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PostSubject: Re: patch for April 27th   

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patch for April 27th
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