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 Hunter Blade Online

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PostSubject: Hunter Blade Online   Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:20 pm

The first debut of Hunter Blade Online at ChinaJoy 2009 has triggered a remarkable dispute among the players. This fierce exchange of harsh words came from its high similarity with Monster Hunter Frontier Online, a famous Korean MMO. However, in the following tests, Hunter Blade Online has gradually come to the recognition of players. Whereas, what is this game all about? Today, let's unveil it! Hunter Blade Online, known as the Chinese version of Monster Hunter Frontier Online, is a 3D action MMORPG developed by Beijing Joy-China Network Technology Co., Ltd. This game not only features gorgeous graphics and dynamic action designs, but also embodies dozens of magnificent game systems and lays emphasis on teamwork. Recently, its system requirements have been made public.

Background story

Usually an action game doesn't need any sophisticated background. However, Hunter Blade Online offers more than what we expected, a simple but self-sustaining background. By walking through this game, the player will experience a plain and primitive uncultivated world roughly portrayed with the devastated continent, rebuilt homeland, harsh life and a band of people living on hunting, etc.

Full SizeHunter Blade Online

1. High quality graphics and audio effects

Being a 3D game based on the real world, Hunter Blade Online must be much expected by players in terms of graphics. In fact, it does live up to the players' expectation. The crude and plain aesthetic style, which belongs to a long past world, can be felt everywhere in the game. Plus, all details are carefully laid out. In short, the game's visual performance deserves a patient wait. Likewise, the game music faithfully serves the theme. It sounds like African drumbeats, well suiting the overall background. As part of the gaming experience, the music and audio effects not only act as reminders, but also provide aural joys.

Full SizeHunter Blade Online

2. Action focused controls

Hunter Blade Online features both the control style of typical action MMOs and the strong sense of role play in conventional MMORPGs. This is actually one of the most important reasons why it is paid much attention to. The combination of the mouse and the keyboard, which makes the game outstanding in tons of action MMOs enables players to manipulate flexibly and master the game easily. As for ARPG players, they will find in the game a drive for ever improving control mastery.

Hunter Blade Online doesn't have a monster-targeting system. That is to say, when in face of monsters, players have to manually adjust the direction and the attack modes. Therefore, the control interface is clear-cut and best tuned for the players to freely explore enormous possibilities. Players can keep on practicing to improve themselves, either by questing or through instance engagements.

Full SizeHunter Blade Online

3. A class system without fixed classes

Like Monster Hunter Frontier Online, Hunter Blade Online has no fixed classes but only different weapons. Of course you can take each weapon as a class. The weapons now available for test include the Long Sword, the Great Sword, the Sword and Shield and the Dual Sword.

All weapons in Hunter Blade Online are distinct from each other. This is particularly true when it comes to the Long Sword and the Great Sword, both of which have very impressive shapes. Likewise, each weapon has its own unique characteristics in battle. The Long Sword deals heavy damage in a wide area, with a moderate attack speed. The Great Sword deals massive damage in a wide area, with a long interval between two attacks. The Sword and Shield (also known as SnS) puts stress on defense. The Dual Sword helps players make swift but short-distance attacks. In Hunter Blade Online, players can change weapons whenever necessary, given that they are out of instances. Thanks to this setting, there is no balancing problem between different classes or different weapons in the game. As a result, the only thing that divides players is their controls.

Full SizeHunter Blade Online

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Hunter Blade Online
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