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 iL: Soul Bringer

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PostSubject: iL: Soul Bringer   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:56 pm

iL: Soulbringer

NFLAVOR released a english version trailer for its new Postmodern RPG iL : Soulbringer. iL : Soulbringer with the highly detailed graphic style transcends all the boundaries of the RPG genre, and raises the standard for volume of in-game content, style, visuals, and so on. Freely express your identity by establishing your own unique gaming style in iL : Soulbringer.

This is not only An english version trailer, but also a sign of iL : Soulbringer's English Version. We are focusing on the future information.

More Details:

» [Exclusive] Postmodern MMO iL: Soul Bringer Details Expose Part I

» iL: Soul Bringer Gameplay Video

» iL: Soulbringer Export: Purify Monsters to Be Your Partner

» [Exclusive]iL: Soul Bringer Highlight Pioh System Analyzes

IL: Soulbringer - Promo Movie(En)

Scenario & World View:

  • #1: In the beginning, there was a war.

    'Hestia Continent', land of 'Titan' and 'Dwarf', was a world more beautiful than land of gods. However, mistake of 'Odin', the father of gods brought great flood in 'Hestia'. For this, 'Titan' freed 'Ether Monster' on the land of gods, which led to the war between 'Titan' and gods called 'Kamos War'

  • #2: Purified monster, holy animal 'Pioh'.

    Thanks to the third daughter of'Odin','Hellas', the gods won Kamos war, afterwards'Odin'had each of his three daughter rule sky, earth and underground, respectively. Freyja, first daughter of'Odin', created human to purify'Ether Monster' wandering around after the war. Monsters purified by human received new name'Pioh'meaning holy animal

  • #3: 'Pioh'attacked human due to the conspiracy of'Hellas'

    ‘Hellas'conspired to take 'Hestia' and put elder sister 'Freyja' and 'Frigg' into sleep. Also, 'Hellas' set up a plan to remove humans who are the owner of'Hestia'to take'Hestia'.

  • #4: The only existence to save human,'Contractor'

    Due to the curse of 'Hellas','Pioh'in'Hestia'began to attack humans. The extra-terrestrial existence'Contactor'summoned by'Frigg'waking up thanks to human's help and stopping the spin wheel of time.

System Requirements

iL: Soulbringer

More iL: Soulbringers Screenshots:

iL: Soulbringer

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iL: Soul Bringer
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