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 "magic"-like animes that don't involve transforming girls lol

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Celestial Council

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PostSubject: "magic"-like animes that don't involve transforming girls lol   Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:58 pm

This is gonna bea pretty long list, but if some people are looking for stuff to watch most of what ill list is pretty decent. Some of them are border-line magic so to speak. btw, i don't like witch hunter robin, so it won't be included :P.

Kaze no Stigma--More ninja-like magic, but it works. Pretty solid anime with a tsundere female lead.


is the heir to the house of Kannagi, a house with ties to the spirit of
fire whose members are all fire users. All except for her cousin,
Kazuma. After he was defeated by Ayano, his father banish him from the
house in disgrace. Kazuma runs off and changes his surname to Yagami.
He forms a contract with the spirit of wind and becomes a powerful wind
user. 4 years later, he returns. Some killings in the Kannagi house by
a powerful wind user lead Ayano and the Kannagi house into thinking
Kazuma is taking revenge. Although claiming to be innocent, Kazuma is
preparing for an all out.