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 Hajime no Ippo - Highly recommended

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PostSubject: Hajime no Ippo - Highly recommended   Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:33 am

This anime is sickkkkkk here's the synopsis:

Ippo Makunouchi is a very shy high school student who never had the
time to make friends because he was always busy helping his mother with
the family charter boat fishing business. Because he kept to himself, a
group of bullies led by Umezawa got into the habit of picking on him.
On one particular day these bullies decided to give him a rather
serious beating, but a middle-weight professional boxer who was passing
by stopped the bullies and took the injured Ippo to the Kamogawa Gym (鴨川ボクシングジム, [i]Kamogawa Bokushingu Jimu[/i][sup][url=][color=#0000EE][font=sans-serif][b]?[/b][/font][/color][/url][/sup]),
owned by retired boxer Genji Kamogawa, to treat his wounds. After Ippo
awoke to the sounds of boxers training, the boxer who saved him, Mamoru
Takamura, tried to cheer Ippo up by letting him vent his frustrations
on a sandbag. It was then that they had their first glimpse into Ippo's
talent for boxing. After that incident, Ippo started his regular
training and began his path in [url=]Japan[/url]'s professional boxing.
The story focuses heavily on character development, even during the
matches something is learned about the fighters. Ippo and his friendly
rivalry with Miyata is the main draw in the early part of the series.
That later changes to Ippo's path towards the Japanese Featherweight
Championship and eventually the world championship. Along the way we
are given glimpses into the other side character's pasts, motivations,
relationships to others and current boxing trials.
The anime series has two spin-off movies that were actually part of
the manga. Champion Road, which takes place after Ippo becomes the
Japanese Featherweight Champion and showcases his first defense of the
title, and Kimura Vs. Mashiba, which pits one of Ippo's upper classmen
(Kimura) against the Japanese lightweight champion Mashiba (the brother
of Ippo's love interest).


currently there are 2 series out: Hajime no Ippo, Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger

a third one is in the works :) first season is 76 ep, second is 26 (last ep airs in JP on june 30) and there are 2 OVAs

hehe great anime!

genre: boxing, comedy, awesome

as well the manga is up to ch853 I believe.

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PostSubject: Re: Hajime no Ippo - Highly recommended   Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:21 pm

haha coincidence that i'm currently re-watching it too? :)
I'm currently in episode 25, after the cheater beat ippo's friend by stepping on his foot. Good fights. :)
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PostSubject: Re: Hajime no Ippo - Highly recommended   Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:08 am

i like these series 2 ... currently am at the second season episode 15 if i recall ... ippo seems a bit silly to me ... but he's ok :laugh:
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Celestial Council
Celestial Council

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PostSubject: Re: Hajime no Ippo - Highly recommended   Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:46 pm

Great series. One of my fav's. I joined boxing after watching the first series, and stuck with it for quite a while. Good times. :P
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PostSubject: Re: Hajime no Ippo - Highly recommended   

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Hajime no Ippo - Highly recommended
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